Green IT and the data center: A Special Report for CIOs

Data center energy efficiency and environmental awareness are becoming important issues for CIOs. Learn more with these resources from and CIO Decisions.

If you haven't run smack into a data center energy crisis yet, just wait. Find out what's causing this crisis, how it will affect you, what the Environmental Protection Agency is doing about it, and what you can do about it, too. Solving this energy crisis also goes hand-in-hand with the green movement that's sweeping the nation. But there is a silver lining for CIOs: some serious cost savings.


Green IT and True TCO -- A Simple Model for Data Centers
Surging costs for power and cooling are changing the economics of IT, and not for the better. The old paradigm of labor dominating IT costs is no longer true, at least for some types of applications or lines of business. This presentation discusses a new concept and downloadable True TCO Calculator for comprehensively optimizing data center OpEx and CapEx costs across IT, network, and facility functions. Using a small number of benchmarked assumptions, this unique and first-of-its-kind tool allows executive management to model different investment and operating scenarios.


Creating an action plan for green IT
Green IT has become more important to companies and CIOs -- but how do you get started? Get tips in this podcast.


Managing the Energy Crisis
[Tom Kaneshige, Senior Editor]
Power is in short supply, and corporate data centers need more of it than ever. Midsized companies are keeping the lid on cost with new technologies and preparing for the age of Green IT.

Best Practices in Energy Conservation
[Tom Kaneshige, Senior Editor]
In an effort to conserve energy -- and cash -- CIOs are consolidating virtual servers, putting servers to sleep and ensuring that power supplies are properly sized for their loads.

The EPA Weighs In
[Tom Kaneshige, Senior Editor]
This summer, the Environmental Protection Agency delivered a 133-page report on server and data center energy efficiency. Some say it went too far; others say it didn't go far enough.

Energy-Saving Measures
[Tom Kaneshige, Senior Editor]
A recent survey offers insights into how IT professionals are trying to save energy.

CIOs save green by going green in the data center
[Jeff Kelly, Associate Editor]
CIOs who are using green IT options to improve energy efficiencies in their data centers are also seeing improved cost savings.

Data center energy efficiency strategies for CIOs
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, data centers will require almost twice as much power by 2011 if current trends continue. What changes can you and your organization make to try to avoid such an outcome? Find out the answer to that and other pressing energy efficiency questions with this Executive Guide.

Waiting on green technology is shortsighted, say experts
[Shamus McGillicuddy, News Writer]
Waiting for vendors and government agencies to come in and solve your data center cooling and capacity issues is a big mistake, say experts speaking at a data center conference this week.

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