Data backup and recovery supercast for CIOs

Backup and recovery planning can help CIOs ensure the safety of their corporate data. Check out these and CIO Decisions articles and podcasts for advice and tips.

Protecting your company's data should be a priority. CIOs must take constant measures to ensure the safety of corporate data through backup and recovery planning. In this month's supercast, you'll find and CIO Decisions articles and podcasts featuring expert advice and useful tips on how to successfully protect your company's data through backup and recovery initiatives.

The Big Hand-off
[Matt Villano, CIO Decisions]
Increasingly, midmarket companies are outsourcing data backup. Here's a look at the options and how CIOs are managing the increased bandwidth requirements.

Remote backup: Making the business case to your CEO
[Herman Mehling, Contributor]
CIOs are being forced to take a closer look at their remote backup plans as they staff more off-site workers and face continual compliance concerns.

Podcast: Creating a strategic backup and recovery plan for remote employees
Data backup and disaster recovery planning are difficult tasks in the best of circumstances -- mobile devices and remote employees can make things even more complicated. Learn how to manage critical data and get more tips in this podcast.

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