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Data backup and disaster recovery for SMBs

Disaster recovery planning is vital for companies of all sizes. Get the latest news, tips and resources in our data backup and disaster recovery school.

In our data backup and disaster recovery for SMBs school, provides IT professionals at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with valuable tools and tactics to help you guard your data before and after disaster strikes.

Table of contents

   Lesson one: Data backup and DR planning
   Lesson two: Policies and management
   Lesson three: Making the business case
   Lesson four: Business continuity
   Final exam

  Lesson one: Data backup and DR planning Table of Contents

Planning is essential to the success of any backup and disaster recovery strategy. How will your SMB react to potential catastrophes? What are your goals? Do you need to be concerned with hurricanes, tornados or fire? Should you outsource your backup processes? These questions just scratch the surface of what you need to know ahead of time in order to remain safe in the face of disaster.

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  Lesson two: Policies and management Table of Contents

Once your plan is ready, the next step is to set the rules of practice internally. Who's in charge? Do your employees know their roles in the process? What's the procedure if a disaster strikes? This lesson delves into these questions and more.

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  Lesson three: Making the business case Table of Contents

One of the most difficult parts of any IT plan is explaining the business case. How can you prove the ROI of your disaster recovery plan if you've never suffered a disaster? If your CEO was never a Boy Scout, arguing that a company should always be prepared is easier said than done. The resources included in this lesson will point you in the right direction.

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  Lesson four: Business continuity Table of Contents

Be careful not to confuse business continuity with disaster recovery. While disaster recovery means, well, what it says; business continuance seeks to prevent interruption of mission-critical services in the first place. Use the resources in this lesson to learn more.

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  Final exam Table of Contents

Congratulations! You've worked your way through all of the lessons. Now it's time to see if you paid attention. Take the final exam to see if you've aced this class or if you need to spend some time in summer school.

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