CRM strategies for SMBs

Customer relationship management software helps companies keep customers happy. Learn more with our top five CRM tips for SMBs.

Keeping your customers happy is job No. 1. With customer relationship management (CRM) software, luckily, that job can become a lot easier. Here we present our top five CRM tips for SMBs.

1. CRM: Ten questions to consider before buying
CRM is a big investment. Consider these strategic and technical questions before you take the plunge.
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2. CRM suites suit SMBs
While a CRM system can make keeping track of customer and sales-related data a much easier proposition, finding one that's both scalable and affordable is no easy task for SMBs.
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3. CRM heeds to SMB call
CRM buyers at SMBs have long waited for CRM technology to mature and for prices to fall. Alas, CRM is here.
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4. Nine steps for successful CRM implementation: Check IT List
AMI Partners consultant Laurie McCabe provides a nine-step guide for successful CRM implementations.
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5. Web-based customer self-service: SMB Buying Decisions
Web-based customer self-service offers better insight into what customers want while saving SMBs a lot of time and money.
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