CIO Decisions Conference 2007 Coverage

This year's CIO Decisions Conference included sessions on technology, management and careers. Highlights of the 11 general sessions and 18 breakout sessions are featured here, including award winners, slide presentations, podcasts and articles.

The theme of this year's CIO Decisions Conference, IT Leadership in the Midmarket, encompassed sessions that focused on technology, management and careers. Highlights of the 11 general sessions and 18 breakout sessions, held over two days in Carlsbad, Calif., are featured here by topic, including some articles, slide presentations, podcasts and a listing of the 2007 CIO Decisions Midmarket IT Leadership Award Winners. Check back to this page for updates from our editors.


IT leadership in the midmarket

SPEAKER: Andre Mendes, CIO, Special Olympics International

SUMMARY: The future is here, and it's one in which IT drives business strategy and execution. Leading IT at today's medium-sized enterprise requires the skills of the corner office, as well as the technical acumen to deploy the latest technology. Hear Andre Mendes, former CIO of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and current CIO of Special Olympics International, offer advice on how to inspire your organization with the vision required to take your company to the next level. (Slide presentation)

ARTICLE: 'Unlearning' key to success for CIOs
Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer
The CIO for Special Olympics International expounds on the CIO's "call of destiny." The "CEO mountain" is moving to the CIO.

Next-generation leadership (Podcast MP3); (Slide presentation)

SPEAKER: Mark Horstman, co-founder, Manager Tools LLC

Panel: Midmarket IT Leadership Award Winners

MODERATOR: Anne McCrory, Editor in Chief, CIO Decisions magazine

SUMMARY: Great IT leadership in the midmarket combines knowledge, vision and people skills to drive IT strategy at fast-growth companies surrounded by constant change. Several 2007 CIO Decisions Midmarket IT Leadership Award winners will discuss the challenges and solutions that led to their most notable successes. ( Article)

  Business and people management

Panel: Growth and integration in the midmarket

MODERATOR: Kate Evans-Correia, Senior Director, News, and

PANELISTS: Don Gould, Director of IT, Godiva Chocolatier Inc.
Marvin Stone, VP and CIO, New Century Title Co.
Bob Dowd, CIO, Sonora Quest Laboratories LLC
James Woolwine, former CIO of Majestic Insurance Co.

SUMMARY: Half of all midmarket CIOs cite growth as a primary driver of their IT strategy in 2007, and nearly one in five expects his company to be involved in a merger or acquisition this year, according to a recent CIO Decisions survey. The result: an immediate need for real-time information from disparate sources. Hear how CIOs from different industries have turned to Web services, middleware or rip-and-replace strategies to get their systems to talk to each other and ultimately arrive at one version of the truth.

Risk management in the midmarket

SPEAKER: Jesus Arriaga, former SVP and CIO, Spirent Communications

SUMMARY: With responsibility for network and information security, regulatory compliance, asset management and more, managing risk plays a central role in the life of today's CIO. Our seasoned midmarket CIO reveals exactly what managing risk entails at his IT organization, and demonstrates how to effectively manage such a broad responsibility through a series of standardized IT processes, procedures and tools. (Slide presentation)

ARTICLE: Project managers top CIOs' must-have list
Kate Evans-Correia, Senior Director, News
Historically, project managers were a luxury most midmarket companies couldn't afford -- and thought they could do without. But now a growing number of CIOs say without a project manager, why bother?

Breakout session: Closing the multigenerational leadership gap

SPEAKER: Dena Moscola, founder and principal, Resolutions

SUMMARY: As IT leaders today seek to empower their teams to become more diversified and people oriented, they are challenged by the fact that for the first time in history, there are four generations working more closely together than ever before. Each has its own priorities, influences, values, definitions of success and leadership expectations -- leading to misunderstandings, unmet expectations, conflict and reduced productivity. This session will offer perspectives and strategies to help leaders and their teams align priorities, create realistic expectations and improve relations so they can get more done faster and easier. (Slide presentation)

  Technology management

ITIL success in the midmarket

SPEAKER: Jim Dunlap, VP of IT, General Communications Inc. (GCI)

SUMMARY: When Dunlap launched an initiative to adopt the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework at GCI, the $450-million provider of telecom and cable TV services in Alaska had no repeatable processes, let alone strategic plans. Learn how Dunlap spearheaded a turnaround and put GCI on the road to Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance, all while automating GCI's change management, incident management and other functions to turn his IT department into a proactive, service-oriented organization with compelling performance metrics. (Slide presentation); (Podcast MP3)

ARTICLE: ITIL tough but worth it, says midmarket telco firm
Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer
Just another process? Perhaps. But for one firm, going from no process to being process-centric turned it into a well-tuned IT organization.

Making the SOA leap

SPEAKER: Richard Soley, chairman and CEO, Object Management Group Inc.

SUMMARY: Is service-oriented architecture (SOA) the business strategy that will drive your enterprise, and your enterprise architecture, in the coming years? Or is it another flash-in-the-pan technology dream? In this session, Soley, CEO of the new SOA Consortium, will share a few early lessons learned from midsized companies making the SOA transition, not only leading their IT organizations through it but also helping line-of-business management to understand the benefits and costs of SOA. (Slide presentation)

CIOs and the law: What you need to know

SPEAKER: Matt Karlyn, attorney, IT practice group, Neal Gerber & Eisenberg LLP

SUMMARY: With risk management now pervading the IT landscape, a CIO's legal responsibilities can be daunting. In this session, our IT legal expert will cover key aspects of the CIO's legal role, including working with internal and external counsel during the regulatory compliance process and dealing with contract negotiations. (Slide presentation)

Breakout session: Negotiating skills


SUMMARY: For IT executives, negotiating is an everyday task. Whether you're negotiating with vendors for the best deal or management for more IT dollars, you'll learn expert best practices that will allow you to walk away from the negotiating table with exactly what you want -- every time. (Slide presentation)

ARTICLE: IT contract negotiation strategies
Joyce Chutchian, Editorial Director
Vendor contracts can save SMBs money -- if negotiated properly. Follow these four steps to help your contract negotiations go smoothly.

How rebuilding IT can drive business transformation

SPEAKER: Brendan O'Malley, CIO, Tasty Baking Co.

SUMMARY: Since 2003, Tasty Baking has overhauled its data center, replaced its ERP system and more. Hear how the CIO figured out what to do, sold the vision to upper management, got buy-in throughout the company, and did it without breaking the bank. (Slide presentation)

Case study: Change management (Slide presentation)


Using analytics for price optimization

SPEAKER: Reed Holden, founder, Holden Advisors

SUMMARY: It's a fact -- effective pricing creates profits, but the devil is in the details. CIOs can facilitate better pricing by understanding how key information is analyzed and presented. In this session, Holden draws from years of experience and case studies to show you how simple data analysis can highlight significant problems with current pricing practices, and then how to develop the right pricing strategies. He will also discuss how software is helping companies institutionalize best practices in pricing -- and driving real value to the bottom line. (Slide presentation)

The ITIL process path

SPEAKER: Dr. D. Akira Robinson, Consulting Computer Scientist, U.S. Navy

SUMMARY: In this session, Robinson discusses the central role of ITIL in storage and business continuity management (BCM) and maps out the three-tiered approach to BCM using ITIL. (Slide presentation)


ARTICLE: CIOs driving shorter CIO tenure
Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer
Job tenure for midmarket CIOs is shrinking, just as the CIO's role is getting bigger. What's behind the numbers?

My CIO career -- A panel discussion about IT and business

MODERATOR: Cliff Bell, CIO, Infogain

SPEAKERS: Gregg Davis, CIO, Webcor Builders Inc.
Jim Haar, CIO, BEA Systems Inc.
Al Pappas, former CIO, VMware Inc.

SUMMARY: CIOs in the midmarket who demonstrate business acumen are increasingly being tapped to influence and even lead business initiatives and functions. Hear from a diverse panel of CIOs who have added business responsibilities to their current roles and/or leveraged that experience to work full time on the business side. Their insights shine light on a range of career options available today and the unique paths that lead to success. (Slide presentation)

How to compete in today's crowded job market

SPEAKER: Kim Batson, president and CIO coach, Career Management Coaching

SUMMARY: How can you position yourself for success in today's corporate world? You must develop a personal brand and position yourself both inside and outside the organization. Learn how to demonstrate value and differentiate yourself on your résumé, plus get the inside scoop on what hiring executives are looking for. As our career expert will illustrate, in most cases, they're looking for you -- but can they find you?

ARTICLE: Branding drives Volvo, FedEx and CIOs
Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer In a tough job market, CIOs have to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. A CIO coach recommends identity branding.

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