Announcing the 2008 Midmarket IT Leadership Award Winners

CIO Decisions Midmarket IT Leadership Award Winners are proven IT leaders. Learn why with these profiles of our 2008 winners.

From cutting-edge IT projects to vision, innovation and leadership, the 2008 Midmarket IT Leadership Award Winners have one thing in common: a deep understanding of how IT can drive business success, and the ability to drive the technological and organizational change to get it done. Read on for their stories.

Larry BurwellThe ability to transact business anywhere, anytime was the goal for Advancial Federal Credit Union CIO Larry Burwell. An enhanced home banking system did the trick.

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  Ron CrallIn 2007, Quincy Medical Center, once an award-winning hospital in Boston, was floundering under the weight of mismanagement. The IT infrastructure was a mess. But then the fixer arrived.

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Joseph EdwardJoseph Edward's IT team has developed an application that lets diocese parishes keep the flock close. VoIP and a Web portal strategy are also planned.

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Oded HanerFrom an ROI sheet to complete insight into what happens at his company's warehouses, Monster Cable CIO Oded Haner says it's all about planning and communication.

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Jerry HodgeIT was regarded as a "black hole" at Hamilton Beach, says Jerry Hodge, senior director of IS. New processes, PPM software from Innotas and a lot of hand holding turned IT into a star.

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Kathy LangMarquette CIO Kathy Lang built a virtual patrolling center that uses sophisticated video surveillance and a Cisco wireless mesh to monitor student safety on and around the university's urban campus.

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David MannDavid Mann, CIO at The Word & Brown Cos., and his staff wrote AgencyPro for his customers. It is people who make software work, he says.

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Jim MulhollandDon't fall in love with any one technology, and you'll always be employable in IT, says this leadership award winner from a crafting supplies company.

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Ram MurthyCIO Ram Murthy took a mainframe migration project (which had failed once already) and turned it into an award-winning infrastructure.

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Shawn PartridgeFind out how this leadership award winner's creativity and "good enough is never enough" attitude has elevated his company's IT footprint.

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Methodology: CIO Decisions Media launched the third annual Midmarket IT Leadership Awards in December 2007 and promoted them by email to members of, and past and prospective attendees of the CIO Decisions Conference.

The nomination process began with a short, Web-based questionnaire filled out by a nominator and a longer questionnaire completed by the nominee. Each nominee was required to discuss how he or she enables innovation in IT, as well as his or her leadership style, technology vision for his or her company and current projects aligned with that vision. A panel of judges (see below) scored the entries using criteria including the effectiveness of the leader and his or her projects, the projects' value to the organization and the executive's success in meeting business goals. Additional information on the awards program is available at

2008 Judging Awards Committee

Chairman: Anne McCrory, Editorial Director, CIO Decisions Media


Linda Chan
Senior Director, IT, Veeco Instruments Inc.
2007 IT Leadership Award Winner

Alex Cullen
Research Director, IT Leadership
Forrester Research Inc.


Kate Evans-Correia
Executive Editor
CIO Decisions Media


Spencer Hamons
CIO, SLV Regional Medical Center
2007 IT Leadership Award Winner

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