10 ways to improve IT service quality and reduce costs using an ITIL CMDB

This webcast debunks common Configuration Management Database (CMDB) myths and shows how to improve IT service quality while reducing costs with an ITIL CMDB.

WEBCAST TITLE: 10 ways to improve IT service quality and reduce costs using an ITIL CMDB

SPEAKER: Hank Marquis, ITSM professional and CTO of itSM Solutions, LLC

DESCRIPTION: The goal of ITSM and ITIL is to balance service quality with costs, and success with ITIL depends on a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The two fundamental IT functions of managing changes and providing support both rely upon and benefit from a CMDB - each has a direct, visible, and measurable impact on IT service quality and cost.

The road to improved IT service quality, business/IT alignment, increased IT efficiency and reduced IT costs goes straight through the CMDB. But the journey to obtain these benefits requires an understanding of the true purpose of the CMDB, what it is, what it isn't, what it has to do, and what it cannot do.

In this expert webcast, popular industry analyst, coach and author Hank Marquis will debunk common CMDB myths, describe what an ITIL CMDB really is and does, and show what it takes to improve IT service quality while reducing the costs of IT.

This was last published in March 2007

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