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April 2012 Vol. 3, No. 2

A mobile device security strategy that puts users first

Mitch Davis knew the writing was on the wall -- or rather, the paper -- when he saw this headline in Bowdoin College's campus newspaper last year: "I don't do wired, I do wireless." As CIO at the Brunswick, Maine, college, he got the message: Its students operate in a wireless world. His concern, however, was about striking a balance between student demand for anytime, anywhere access and the need for mobile device security. The students get to live in their wireless world rather than having to live in our wired world. The college had a fiber optic network in place and Wi-Fi hotspots all over campus, but that setup wasn't enough. Bowdoin has a well-known museum and library and popular sporting events that attract thousands of visitors.  Like the 1,750 students who attend the college, those visitors wanted wireless access on campus. A stadium full of soccer fans simultaneously trying to gain wireless access on campus made it clear that the Wi-Fi in place couldn't handle thousands of mobile users. To meet the rising demand for ...

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