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Special CIO Edition, January 2014

Push for centralized IT ushers in cloud-first philosophy at U of Miami

As at so many institutions of higher education, the University of Miami's approach to IT was decentralized and laissez-faire. Let IT freedom reign. If a department had a problem, six different IT teams could be coming at it with five different answers, said Deputy CIO Brad Rohrer. Rather than lead to new breakthroughs in the delivery of information services, however, the free-for-all ended up hurting IT's many customers -- from the students, faculty, staff and researchers at the school's main campus to the users at Miami's renowned Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and multi-site medical center. The management part of IT service management was not making the grade. Brad Rohrer Then two years ago, the university brought in new CIO Steve Cawley and the door was opened to start again. The journey began with an effort to centralize IT service management and is well on its way to transforming the university's IT to a cloud-first organization. In part one of this SearchCIO Innovator interview, Rohrer outlines the ...

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