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Special CIO edition, October 2013

Cloud: A disruptive technology that's worth the disruption

It's not uncommon these days for large organizations to have dozens of cloud applications, with some that are redundant (because they were bought by different lines of business to perform the same function), others that are housed on premises in what IT considers a "private cloud," and yet others that reside solely on a public cloud provider's infrastructure. Then, there's the hybrid approach, wherein applications reside in both the public and private cloud domains. That's the case for Niel Nickolaisen, CIO at Western Governor's University, in Salt Lake City, Utah, who was willing to take on complexity in exchange for the benefits of a hybrid cloud approach that integrates his in-house legacy systems into Software as a Service applications. One motive he cites for moving an application back in-house is the time it took to transfer data between the university's in-house systems and the cloud app, as he explains in this special CIO edition of Modern Infrastructure ezine. Another challenge is the management tools, or lack thereof, ...

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