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August 2011 Volume 9

Smart business intelligence strategy all about making better decisions

A long, long time ago I attempted to distill the role of IT down to a nice, concise motto. It took several years, a host of good and bad experiences, and several iterations; but I think I finally did it: IT has two, interdependent roles: to enable strategy and to achieve operational excellence. The Real Niel Niel Nickolaisen This motto helped me crystallize how I approach business intelligence (BI) strategy. To me, BI is all about making better decisions. In turn, better decisions directly and clearly enable the development of strategy. Here is my rationale. "The essence of strategy is competitive advantage," said Michael Porter, one of the most-admired gurus of business strategy. So, if one of their roles is to enable strategy, CIOs should directly support the ways their organization creates and maintains competitive advantage. One way to create competitive advantage is to consistently make better decisions -- about products, markets, operations, customers and so forth -- than our competitors. Better decision making is the key ...

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