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August 2011 Volume 9

No dark art: Crowd computing drives value, so why aren't you doing it?

Rob Stefanic, CIO at Sensata Technologies Inc., doesn’t come across as a revolutionary bent on toppling corporate hierarchies. But according to leading research scientists of social networking and collective intelligence -- or crowd computing, as some are calling it -- Stefanic is helping Sensata leverage information in ways that threaten the status quo of many companies and their IT departments. More BI, social media resources Tables turned: The language of business sounding more techie Social media and networking ushering in a 'third wave' of capitalism Business intelligence, analytics help CIO challenge collective wisdom A supplier of high-tech sensors and controls for automotive, appliance and aircraft manufacturers, Sensata is tapping collective intelligence to hone its corporate communications, reshape its branding and develop an IT community portal. Instead of contracting with an IT provider to rely on a group of 50 paid developers, for example, Sensata is pooling the work of 2,000 community developers to show their work ...

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