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September 2012 Volume 15

Gamification key to launching new FedEx social collaboration platform

Toward the end of 2008, Bryan Barringer found himself looking for work, along with more than 7% of the nation's working population. Today he is leading the launch of a new enterprise social collaboration platform for FedEx Corp.'s 300,000 employees in 220 countries. How did Barringer get from competing against millions of other unemployed professionals to being hired as manager for enterprise collaboration implementation at FedEx Services? He combined four things he understood well: behavioral studies, software development, video games and social networking. A longtime gamer (Xbox was just a gleam in Microsoft's eye and Atari reigned when he began playing), Barringer knew that video games gave him a sense of achievement, encouraged competitiveness and created a network of gamers who were sharing knowledge. Why not apply the psychology of gamification -- the application of game theory techniques to non-game activities -- to the corporate world? Enterprises could unlock the knowledge of individual employees by creating a social ...

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