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February 2011 Volume 6

Green-energy technologies a priority across all IT operations

Enterprises are looking at a host of green-energy technologies and sustainability efforts for data centers and IT operations overall. With these, they hope to save money and come into compliance with environmental regulations down the line. More about the green data center The Green Data Center: Energy-Efficient Computing in the 21st Century Consolidation, compliance pushing demand for a green data center "What are best practices today become standards tomorrow, and eventually become code," said William Dunckel, energy solutions manager at Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E), a California energy supplier whose customers include thousands of data centers. There are plenty of ways to get green, according to Dunckel, who has been working on energy solutions since the 1970s. For many enterprises, virtualization is job one "Our first step to making everything more green is to virtualize our application servers," said Jon Nam, director of technology at Macy's Merchandising Group Inc. (MMG) in New York and a member of its Sustainability ...

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