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November 2012, Vol. 17

The network capacity horizon of a mobile world

This is the second story in a two-part series on the ways IT executives are managing the strain that mobile devices put on network capacity. In the first story, IT executives discuss the ways they deal with mobile device traffic. Sporting goods giant Nike Inc. gets it. Internally, Nike has learned that wireless is the "digital oxygen" employees live and breathe in order to do their job. During a session at the Enterprise 2.0 event in Boston in June, Art King, who at the time was Nike's global information architecture lead, said his company's network capacity was definitely feeling the impact of mobile devices. Because you are now taking a bunch of traffic off of the cell operator's network, you could negotiate better pricing or services with the provider. Charles Golvin, principal analyst, Forrester Research Inc. "We've been retrofitting our Wi-Fi and working on deep, blanket wireless coverage because of the stress [mobile devices] put on our Wi-Fi network," said King, who has since left Nike and is now director of enterprise ...

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