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November 2012, Vol. 17

Tackling network capacity in a bring-your-own-device era

This is the first in a two-part series on the ways IT executives are managing the strain that mobile devices put on network capacity. The second part explores emerging capacity-management approaches for mobile device traffic. Earlier this year, the OC-3 network Internet traffic at Kroll Factual Data Inc. reached a saturation point of 80%. Given that Kroll, a verification services provider for lenders and creditors, conducts most of its business online, this was bad news on a grand scale. Now you have laptops, smartphones and tablets using a network that wasn't designed for that amount of traffic. Randy Nunez, senior network engineer, Ford Motor Co.'s Mobile Computing IT Enterprise Technology Research division The culprit was the streaming media slamming the company's network as employees used mobile devices to watch videos and download files. "It was starting to have a detrimental effect on our customers, and for us, that was the end of the story," said Christopher Steffen, principal technical architect at Kroll, a Loveland, ...

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