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April 2011 Volume 7

IT execs question whether cloud disaster recovery is a viable option

It's become fairly common for companies to use cloud storage to spin a temporary production environment up or down for testing and development or a short-term marketing campaign. On the other hand, enterprises are not exactly pinning their disaster recovery strategy on the cloud. More about cloud storage in the enterprise Public cloud storage news, help and research Storage execs see more cloud storage, data reduction, solid-state drives in 2011 Many enterprises already have multiple data centers in place that can be used as primary data centers and backup disaster-recovery facilities. In addition, companies are concerned about security in the cloud, in terms of data protection and privacy, physical security, and application security. Potential network downtime is another drawback when it comes to cloud disaster recovery. Enterprises can't put up with service interruptions regardless of whether the cause is a bandwidth constraint or a distributed denial-of-service attack. "It's all about quality, not about low-cost services ...

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