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Nov. 2013, Vol. 27

Off the shelf or DIY, smart process apps add agility

Part one of this story introduced the emergence of so-called smart process applications: Touted as a new breed of commodity software, they are designed to streamline multistep, human-based activities by making the information accessible in one application. Here, experts discuss the potential benefits of these context-rich, lightweight applications, and Wellesley College CIO Ravi Ravishanker explains his DIY approach to building such apps. Ravi Ravishanker Wellesley College CIO Ganesan "Ravi" Ravishanker doesn't know the term smart process applications, but he can relate to the notion of process issues plaguing business innovation. Although a small institution, the Wellesley, Mass., school was looking to provide a "seamless" experience for students dealing with interdepartmental administrative tasks. Ravishanker and his team have been on a two-year journey building applications that cut down on repeating information and make it easy for students and faculty to perform multistep administrative tasks all in one place. More than 40 ...

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