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Nov. 2013, Vol. 27

CIO advice on showing value of social media and collaboration initiatives

When it comes to demonstrating the value of IT to the business, some projects are easy to justify. But try quantifying the value of social media and collaboration tools and it can be difficult to show a return on investment -- especially if by ROI one means dollars and cents. The question of how best to make the case for social media and collaboration-related spending was raised during a discussion at this year's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. Two top CIOs, Michael Relich of Guess Inc. and Broadcom Corp. CIO Bill Miller shared examples of how they go about making the case. The value of social collaboration tools as talent magnet Demonstrating the value of social media and collaboration tools takes creativity, Broadcom's Bill Miller said. Bill Miller His business case for investing in these modes of communication was shaped by the workforce Broadcom needs to attract. The Irvine, Calif.-based chip maker is looking for the best, brightest and most creative of the world's newly minted engineers. Part of what attracts those types, ...

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