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Mar. 2014, Vol. 30

Rogue technology: What lies beneath

Rogue technology can wreak havoc on legacy systems and expose companies to serious security threats. Yet business people often need quick, over-the-counter products to solve business problems, and CIOs and business executives must balance the need for centralized, secure IT systems with the demand for business agility. In this issue of CIO Decisions e-zine, we talk with enterprise CIOs, analysts and business executives about how organizations can get a grip on rogue technology deployments -- and reap their inherent value -- before they spin out of control.

Also in this issue, we chat with the CFO at Walgreen Co. about the role of the CIO and the difference between a good idea and capturing business value; share advice on how to roll out a risk management plan that will satisfy your board of directors; and learn about CTO columnist Niel Nickolaisen's 10-step plan to IT transformation.

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