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November 2016 Vol. 57

Will Workplace revolutionize the enterprise collaboration market?

As contributing writer Mary K. Pratt notes in this month's cover story, enterprise collaboration tools are not new: For almost a decade, Enterprise 2.0 technologies have sought to foster employee collaboration and engagement through the use of wikis and blogs. None of these corporate social media tools have become hugely popular, however, as they sought to copy what Facebook offers to consumers into the corporate setting. But now that Facebook has officially entered the market with Workplace, will the social platform of choice for 1 billion users conquer the enterprise collaboration market? If familiarity breeds contentment, then Workplace will probably be a big hit with employees. The business version of the social networking platform has similar features to the consumer version and incorporates familiar offerings such as news feeds, likes and chat apps. There certainly are differences, however, especially because the new platform is designed to support employees collaborating in groups to achieve work goals, rather than just ...

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