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November 2016 Vol. 57

Part techie, part people person? You're a business technologist

Are you wearing sneakers on this casual Friday? Where were they made? China, Vietnam, Indonesia? If they're New Balance, there's a chance they were made in what was once an East Coast hub of industry: Lawrence, Mass. Like its competitors, Boston-based New Balance makes shoes in Asia, but customized footwear -- shoes that customers personalize with their choices of fabrics, lacings and soles -- are built in the U.S. "You submit your order online or in the store, the order gets transmitted to our factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and it's to the consumer in four to six days," said Chris Ladd, New Balance's executive vice president of global consumer experience. Ladd spoke Thursday at the SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit, organized by the Society for Information Management's Boston chapter, in Newton, Mass. On stage with him was Ravi Shankavaram, New Balance's vice president of IT. The pair had a relaxed, jocular rapport, underscoring a key ingredient in the company's swift, made-to-order shoe delivery: lockstep ...

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