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February 2013, Vol. 19

Business process optimization and the CIO role converge

The ongoing quest for business process optimization is pushing the CIO role further and further into business operations. Business process optimization often is referred to as change management in the sense of managing and improving IT-related processes to gain efficiencies, cut costs and optimize the overall IT function. Now the business is relying more heavily on the CIO to achieve similar process improvement goals for the business. In some cases, CIOs are being hired or asked to take on the additional task of heading up continuous, enterprise-wide (not just one-off) programs for business process optimization, change planning, and project and portfolio management. Our IT organization is not siloed, and we try to implement the same principles across the company. Given CIOs' ability to master IT process optimization -- and given that the role of the CIO is as cross-functional as other C-level positions, if not more so -- it's only natural that CIOs are being asked to optimize enterprise business processes, said Nick Coussoule, ...

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