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February 2013, Vol. 19

2012 election shows power of data analysis to personalize customers

The use of technology in the 2012 presidential election has generated scores of articles, and without a doubt will be analyzed for years to come by political historians. The campaign, however, could just as well serve as a lesson book for CIOs engaged in capitalizing on a company's most valuable asset aside from money -- data. The use of "big data" and data analysis was an important factor in securing a win for one side and documenting a defeat that, by most accounts, the other side never saw coming. Todd Thibodeaux One of the first campaign lessons for CIOs is that any data analytics program, no matter how successful, can't rest on its laurels. The 2008 Obama-Biden campaign organization had been touted as running the most technologically advanced presidential campaign in history, with particular praise heaped on its use of social media to connect with voters and its application of data analysis to gauge voter behavior. Just two years later, the Democrats' pounding in the 2010 midterm elections showed that this vaunted voter ...

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