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November 2014, Vol. 37

Artificial intelligence in business: The future is now

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t some far-off fantasy confined to Steven Spielberg films. Smart machines, robots and other such technologies that leverage machine learning to do tasks humans would otherwise perform are already making inroads in the enterprise. In this issue of CIO Decisions ezine, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski explores the rapid advances in AI, how it makes businesses more competitive now and what its future might hold.

Also in this issue: A data scientist at Gilt details his company’s experiments in pre-emptive shipping; CIO expert Harvey Koeppel shares a harrowing story of when his disaster response involved life-or-death stakes; and we explore whether mesh computing is ready for prime time in the enterprise. Plus, Western Union uses a cloud security tool as a business enabler, and Daimler Trucks’ CIO seeks Einsteins and Edisons in his IT talent search.

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