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December 2016 Vol. 57

What CIOs can learn from the Facebook CIO job posting

It's no secret that Facebook is looking for a new CIO. In April, Tim Campos, who currently serves in that position, announced he would leave the social media company at the end of the year. But the announcement did precipitate an unexpected event: Facebook took to its own site to publish its CIO job posting -- requirements, responsibilities and all. The post is a gift to CIOs, giving them an opportunity to look at what a company on the other side of digital transformation wants in its future IT leader. SearchCIO asked three executive search experts to look over the CIO job posting and provide expert insight. Here's the big takeaway: Facebook appears to be searching for a business technologist -- someone adept at taking on traditional CIO duties, such as business process management, and someone who can be a strategic business leader. Hybrid CIO One of the notable aspects of the CIO job posting is how traditional IT it reads. The new CIO's responsibilities will include "governance," "building and enhancing an enterprise IT ...

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