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December 2016 Vol. 57

IT mindset: CIOs, tech departments work to overcome the 'IKEA effect'

CIOs find plenty of encouragement to shed their traditional role of "owning" and managing corporate IT assets, openly collaborate with the business side of the enterprise, and instill a customer-service orientation. That's easier said than done, of course. Getting themselves and their IT departments to adopt those ideas requires a shift in IT mindset, which, in turn, calls for a fair bit of psychology. Interviews with CIOs and organizational experts, however, suggest that change is indeed possible -- with a regimen that includes rethinking cherished beliefs and working to overcome barriers that impede a new work culture. Atilla Tinic, CIO at Level 3 Communications, has an educational background in IT, with a focus on software development, economics and psychology. He says, somewhat facetiously, that the last degree sometimes proves the most valuable. "It might be the psychology that helps me the most at times," he said. "Change management is one of the hardest things [and] I think the IT transition might be one of the most ...

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