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“The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is Agility… Nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate.” – Jeff Bezos

Our local community of CIOs agree the most important business outcome IT can deliver is competitive advantage via Agility.

IT is expected to help businesses capitalise on new digital capabilities through connectivity, advanced analytics, automation, and a constantly accelerated release of great apps. The organisation can then build deeper relationships with customers, make processes more efficient, make better decisions, and launch new operating and business models.

ADAPT CIO Edge in February will deliver practical advice from our CIOs and knowledge partners MIT, McKinsey, Forrester, Ovum, IBRS, and TRA showing the actions you need to take today as a modern CIO.

ADAPT’s C-level benchmarking of consistent local statistics with MIT and McKinsey will also show answers from masses of real data, delivered directly to the country’s top CIOs at February’s CIO Edge event.

Achieving Agility: How do you get there?

  • The separation of digital from conventional IT is not sustainable.
  • Better to move towards an integrated digital IT operating model.
  • Standardise processes based on company-wide, not just functional needs.
  • Manage cloud and application sprawl, stunted analytic projects, and isolated process innovations living in operational siloes.
  • Maintain governance and service levels through agile integration.
  • Reinvent as a software company, competing to win and keep digital customers.
  • Bridge the technical, digital and business teams, to enable a truly collaborative model.

Leading this discussion is Peter Weill, Chairman of MIT CISR (who was outstanding at our Feb 2017 meeting) who returns to Melbourne with clear advice on the 4 pathways to digital transformation, sharing the first draft of MIT CISR’s playbook for digital – based on research from 1,000 early digital leading organisations.

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Please note that this is not a conference or a tradeshow.

This is a private gathering for a selective group of CIOs and Technology Leaders. Access to any Edge Experience is dependent upon qualification.