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TechTarget 2014 Information Technology Salary and Careers Survey guide

TechTarget's 2014 Information Technology Salary and Careers Survey took the pulse of 1,200 IT professionals on their earnings, project priorities and job satisfaction heading into 2015.


TechTarget's 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey took the pulse of 1,200 information technology professionals, who provided insight into their salaries and bonuses, their career aspirations, and the projects they intend to pursue in 2015. In this Essential Guide, learn about IT executives' compensation and salary trends across the IT landscape, what drives optimism and pessimism in their organizations, and which IT projects they deem high-priority.


Survey results: A visual overview

Are you ready to win at the game of IT? In this infographic, SearchCIO reveals the highest and lowest IT earners, looks at whether IT executives are satisfied in their current positions, and unveils the top technology focus areas for 2015.


TechTarget's 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey infographic

Is it time to play the technology field? Find out in TechTarget's 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey infographic, which indicates fatter paychecks and increased optimism. Continue Reading

2Senior IT executives-

The view from IT's C-suite

The 2014 survey polled 333 senior IT executives across North America. Their responses indicate that nearly two-thirds saw pay increases during the year, but that raises and bonuses don't necessarily equal job satisfaction. Read these stories for more information on the CIO career and mind-set entering 2015.


Where does your IT salary rank?

Learn which roles in technology make the most money, where IT professionals' priorities lie and which ones hope to alter their career path. Continue Reading


Senior IT executive compensation ramps up

The past year was a positive one for IT executives' pay, fueled in large part by their increasing input in what have traditionally been business matters. Continue Reading


For high earners, pay doesn't spell happiness

The ability to negotiate a better bonus is another factor in senior IT executives' rising pay, but as survey respondents make clear, money doesn't buy happiness. Continue Reading


The project roadmap for 2015

While security, cloud computing and big data projects continued their ascent up the IT priority ladder, mobile technology fell, survey respondents said. Continue Reading


Executives who are satisfied refuse to settle

A combination of innovation and challenging work drives the highest rates of job satisfaction and curtails active job hunting among IT execs, but there are other reasons, too. Continue Reading

3The IT landscape-

Salaries, careers and budgets across IT

IT professionals focusing on such areas as business intelligence, compliance, networking, security and server management weighed in on the 2014 survey, providing perspective on their compensation, department budgets and satisfaction in their current roles.


BI and big data salaries show wide variance

The pay of business intelligence and big data professionals varies widely, the survey reveals, and many aren't raking it in with large raises. Continue Reading


GRC pros seek greater business authority

As they become increasingly integral to corporate success, IT security and compliance professionals seek more input in business decisions, and the pay to back it up. Continue Reading


For networking professionals, it's not all about the money

Networking professionals reported being pleased with their compensation and expressed an overwhelming desire to keep their technology skills fresh. Continue Reading


Security budgets on the ascent, but salaries steady

The demand for quality security professionals is outpacing supply, and security budgets are increasing, but survey respondents indicate little change in security pros' compensation. Continue Reading


For server management pros, a mixed bag

While server management professionals seem satisfied with their compensation on a whole, many also say they're restless to move up -- or move on. Continue Reading


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