Strategic business intelligence for a mobile future

Last updated:November 2013

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Business intelligence (BI) encompasses a wide range of applications and technologies useful for gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to data. The overarching goal of strategic business intelligence planning is to help enterprise CIOs make faster, more informed business decisions. And now that this data can be taken "on the road" via mobile devices, CIOs are looking to put mobile BI in the palms of their users' hands -- literally.

Mobile business intelligence relies upon software that extends desktop business intelligence applications for use on smartphones and tablets. Mobile BI allows enterprise users to access reports on the fly and make decisions in real time. In this guide, we make a business case for BI in a mobile future -- make that the mobile present -- by examining potential management pitfalls and providing examples of real-life mobile BI implementations.

This CIO Essential Guide on mobile business intelligence is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1BI trends for a mobile future

Mobility is a top concern for enterprise IT leaders on the user, customer and consumer levels. The videos in this section examine how mobile technologies influence business intelligence priorities, data analytics, corporate collaboration and more.

2The benefits and pitfalls of mobile BI

With executives taking their business on the road more frequently, it's crucial that they have access to the data they need at all times, from any location, in order to make real-time decisions. While this is appealing on the executive level, it also poses security and other troubles for IT departments looking to provide this level of access. In this section, learn the benefits and pitfalls of mobile BI.

3Launch and maintain your mobile BI program

Once IT leaders get over the initial speed bumps in a mobile BI implementation, efforts turn toward launching programs, teaching enterprise users the ins and outs of BI on the go, and fine-tuning mobile efforts. In the following pieces, learn how industry-leading CIOs and IT executives are overseeing strategic mobile BI in their organizations.