Protect information like a pro: A guide for enterprise CIOs

Last updated:December 2013

Editor's note

CIOs charged with protecting information in their organizations must not only implement reliable backup processes but also combat unexpected failures and threats such as application and user error, cyberattacks and facility outages or disruptions. Many CIOs also find that data protection management calls for establishing a system for valuing and cataloging data to determine the importance of various assets.

Suffice it to say, protecting information in the corporate sphere from corruption, leakage and other threats remains a top priority. In this guide, learn how to safeguard data on mobile devices, enact appropriate information protection governance standards and stay on top of the latest data threats.

This CIO essential guide on how to protect information is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Information protection and security

To protect information properly, CIOs must stay on their toes when it comes to developments in the data sphere. The videos in this section examine current trends in protecting information, addressing frequent data privacy and security problems faced by enterprise IT departments.

2Information strategy with a data protection slant

A large component of data protection is information governance. Equally important is building a holistic approach to data management that enlists certain processes, controls and metrics in order to treat information as the valuable business asset it is. In the following tips and feature stories, learn how IT leaders are managing, storing, processing and protecting their information while relying on different governance strategies.

3Top data threats in the enterprise

Are you managing information protection on a broad scale? This section showcases some of the latest stories on information protection produced on SearchCIO and our sister sites. Click on the links below and find out what information IT leaders are looking to protect and how they're assigning organizational resources accordingly.

4Information protection quiz for data-minded CIOs

It's been said time and time again: Security measures are more vital than ever as sensitive data is increasingly targeted by nefarious sources. Protecting information will remain a top concern for the CIO, but many solutions continue to carry a hefty price tag. With so much sensitive data at risk and so many IT security bases to cover, it can't hurt to see where your organization stands. Take this quiz on information protection to gauge your organization's level of preparedness.