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Protect information like a pro: A guide for enterprise CIOs

Providing adequate protection for corporate data is a top-of-mind concern across IT. In this CIO essential guide, learn how to protect information assets in your organization.


CIOs charged with protecting information in their organizations must not only implement reliable backup processes but also combat unexpected failures and threats such as application and user error, cyberattacks and facility outages or disruptions. Many CIOs also find that data protection management calls for establishing a system for valuing and cataloging data to determine the importance of various assets.

Suffice it to say, protecting information in the corporate sphere from corruption, leakage and other threats remains a top priority. In this guide, learn how to safeguard data on mobile devices, enact appropriate information protection governance standards and stay on top of the latest data threats.

This CIO essential guide on how to protect information is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Mobile and cloud data-

Data protection in a mad, mobile world

What should be on your 2014 IT trend watch when it comes to protecting information? Many CIOs and IT leaders are zeroing in on cloud and mobile, which necessitate a focus on securing data wherever it lives. In these pieces, CIOs and IT experts explain the best methods for protecting information on corporate devices or in the cloud.


Data protection management for all things mobile

SearchCIO's mobility-themed tweet jam this year touched on one of mobility's biggest issues: how to create a data protection management plan to ensure that information on mobile devices stays safe. Application development, cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOD) pose constantly evolving threats to data stored on mobile devices; our participants offer some remedies. Continue Reading


Podcast: Securing mobile endpoints and managing mobile data

Mobility isn't just a lifestyle -- it's a work-style. Jack Gold, president and principal analyst at J. Gold Associates LLC, suggests that companies that don't support a mobile workforce are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage. In this podcast, Gold discusses where CIOs should focus their efforts in terms of tools that help manage mobile devices, then answers the questions, "Is it really managing mobile devices, or is it more managing applications and data?" Continue Reading


Data crunching made easy for cancer researchers

In Nicole Laskowski's Data Mill column, the SearchCIO senior news writer delves into the University of Chicago's big data analytics infrastructure crafted for its cancer-research building. Learn how Robert Grossman, chief research informatics officer and professor of biological sciences, solved his department's data crunching dilemma with a community cloud. Continue Reading


Best approaches to mobile device and data protection

Are you walking the mobile tightrope, aiming to balance the obvious benefits with the inherent risks? John Pescatore, a vice president and analyst at Stamford, Conn.-based consultancy Gartner Inc., offers up his four-point take on the best approaches to crafting a mobile information protection plan. Continue Reading


BYOD security stymies CIOs, budgets not keeping pace

The 34th annual SIM IT Trends Study asked CIOs and senior IT executives to pick their three areas of greatest concern. BYOD was the fifth-highest concern, yet respondents listed BYOD as just the 21st largest IT investment in their organizations. By failing to protect information transmitted via mobile devices, organizations are putting their livelihood at risk. Continue Reading


Information protection and security

To protect information properly, CIOs must stay on their toes when it comes to developments in the data sphere. The videos in this section examine current trends in protecting information, addressing frequent data privacy and security problems faced by enterprise IT departments.


Protecting computer data: Advice from a former CIA CISO

Robert Bigman, president of 2BSecure LLC and former chief information security officer at the Central Intelligence Agency, addresses the question on everyone's mind: With computer privacy so highly valued, how do we secure the unsecurable? In this interview, Bigman speaks about computer privacy and security as one of today's most challenging technology trends.


Webcast: Lower e-discovery costs with these data management strategies

Information management is getting increasingly complicated, especially as tools and processes such as e-discovery are becoming more expensive. In the last segment of this four-part webcast, information governance expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses steps companies can take to alleviate high e-discovery costs and properly maintain data.


Privacy in an era of big data proliferation

HMS Holding Corp. CIO Cynthia Nustad says that one of the things that scares her most is the amount of data her organization has in movement at any given time. The security of that data is of the utmost importance in the healthcare world, and Nustad says that she'd like to see more focus on information protection processes.

3Data governance-

Information strategy with a data protection slant

A large component of data protection is information governance. Equally important is building a holistic approach to data management that enlists certain processes, controls and metrics in order to treat information as the valuable business asset it is. In the following tips and feature stories, learn how IT leaders are managing, storing, processing and protecting their information while relying on different governance strategies.


Five steps to privacy and data protection governance

Does your IT department have a handle on your company's data privacy scope? Does everyone understand his or her role and responsibilities when it comes to data protection? In this tip from Jinan Budge, global council manager for Forrester Research's Security & Risk Council, and Heidi Shey, a Forrester analyst, learn their five tips for better data governance and protection. Continue Reading


Governing BYOD: The data governance and security effect

For better or worse, BYOD is here to stay. So how can CIOs and compliance officers contend with information governance and security concerns? Strong BYOD policies and an effective governance structure are necessary in order to keep information accessible but also safe. Continue Reading


Data quality analysis and big data governance bring value to biz

In this SearchCompliance Q&A, Stuart Brown, a senior consultant and data and information governance lead at RXP Services Ltd., discusses the wealth of opportunity that lies in data quality analysis and big data governance. Read up to discover what quality data means to your organization and how governance can maximize value and seamless process integration. Continue Reading


When project governance is severely lacking

In light of the recent finger pointing in Washington over the rollout of the Affordable Care Act website, Michael Schrage, a research fellow at the MIT Sloan School of Management's Center for Digital Business, said, "Successful IT systems demand serious IT governance. Where was it?" SearchCIO's Karen Goulart points readers toward Schrage's blog post and highlights another reason governance is key when dealing with engaged customers, privacy regulations and massive quantities of data. Continue Reading


Governance drives big data advantage at Penn Medicine

Michael Restuccia and Brian Wells, IT leaders at Penn Medicine, turned to governance to solve some big data problems. Their unusual, top-down governance structure at the University of Pennsylvania put the medical center on the map in big data, data mining and high-performance computing. Read more about this CIO team's breakthrough work and the big data advantages they've reaped through good governance. Continue Reading


Data protection terms to know

Before investing in data protection tools and services, make sure you understand some of the terminology.

5Information protection trends-

Top data threats in the enterprise

Are you managing information protection on a broad scale? This section showcases some of the latest stories on information protection produced on SearchCIO and our sister sites. Click on the links below and find out what information IT leaders are looking to protect and how they're assigning organizational resources accordingly.


Ex-VMware CIO discusses top data threats

Mark Egan, former CIO of Symantec Corp. and VMware Inc., has seen a wide variety of data threats in his professional career. In this tip, Egan addresses how information protection technologies for cloud services and virtualization have morphed in the past few years and what those changes mean for CIOs. Continue Reading


To protect what's most important, communication is key

Former White House CIO Theresa Payton and former Federal Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt took the stage at the Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium this year, offering advice on reducing security vulnerabilities and managing risk. Read this tip for the pair's advice on a human-centric approach to information protection. Continue Reading


Collaboration efforts require upfront security consideration

When proprietary information is shared with outside parties -- whether intentionally or accidentally -- it can compromise a business's brand and professional image. Find out what some of our tweet jam participants have to say about keeping social engagement secure. Continue Reading


Creating a human firewall amid security threats and privacy concerns

Do your employees' online lives conflict with your security policies? In this CIO Matters column by SearchCIO Executive Editor Linda Tucci, learn why businesses are advised to enlist employees in the effort to protect against security threats. Continue Reading


Wanting big data, but personal data privacy too

Can you have your cake and eat it too? Big data, which aggregates many types of public information, exposes personal information and, from a company perspective, exposes the enterprise to great risk. In this column, Linda Tucci looks at those risks and considers whether and how organizations can protect their information. Continue Reading


Information protection quiz for data-minded CIOs

It's been said time and time again: Security measures are more vital than ever as sensitive data is increasingly targeted by nefarious sources. Protecting information will remain a top concern for the CIO, but many solutions continue to carry a hefty price tag. With so much sensitive data at risk and so many IT security bases to cover, it can't hurt to see where your organization stands. Take this quiz on information protection to gauge your organization's level of preparedness.


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