Project management strategies that transform businesses: A CIO guide

Last updated:December 2014

Editor's note

There are some best practices around project and portfolio management (PPM) that every IT organization -- from well-established enterprise to fledgling startup -- should observe. But the increasing IT emphasis on strategic innovation and digitization means that organizations with effective project management strategies can no longer simply sit on their laurels. It's vital that IT organizations, and the CIOs overseeing them, take a fresh look at project and portfolio management, ensuring that fresh priorities bubble to the top and receive adequate resources, while past-their-prime initiatives are put out to pasture.

In this CIO guide to project management strategies and portfolios turned upside down by digitization, learn how modern IT organizations are pushing forward with the latest technologies in order to quantify the value of technology, clean up their project pipelines, transform business processes and, especially in the case of startups, get great ideas off the ground.

This Essential Guide on managing information security is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Project management in practice

In these videos, established enterprises and startup companies alike share their strategies for prioritizing technology projects and investments to grow the organization.

2Transformative project management strategies

In the era of digitization, project and portfolio management is a lot more than organizing and examining a slate of IT initiatives and sorting out what gets completed when. With a strategic approach, PPM can transform the business and create new revenue opportunities and reinvent organizational structures. In the following pieces, learn how to manage projects and priorities in order to refresh business processes, achieve business agility and support digital initiatives coming down the pipe.

3Project management terms to know

To assess project success, CIOs need to know the lingo. Below are some terms that will help you gauge whether your projects are meeting your company's objectives.

4How to get your small business off the ground

Enterprises are wrangling with their own line-up of PPM hang-ups, but startups and other small businesses face unique challenges not only in managing projects and portfolios, but also in getting myriad business problems right: securing financing, acing investor pitches and selecting the technologies that will propel the organization forward, rather than weigh it down. These columns and case studies reveal how smaller companies are tackling strategic management challenges.

5IT project management essentials for growing a business

PPM is an essential piece of prioritization that lies at the core of all areas of IT, including business transformation, startup success and enterprise innovation. Ignore PPM at your peril: doing so might put your organization in a position to fall short of its business goals. Review some of our recent coverage and take our quiz to test your knowledge of project management essentials.