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Planning for the future of mobility: A BYOD guide for enterprise CIOs

In this CIO Essential Guide, learn how IT leaders are planning for the future of mobility, aligning consumer devices with bring your own technology trends.


Is your company planning for the future of mobility? If not, you're at serious risk of being left behind. The heavy integration of mobile technologies in both the personal and business spheres is driving IT departments to think differently when it comes to developing technology roadmaps.

One major concern: BYOD. Bring your own device goes beyond employees toting their personal smartphones to work or accessing business email from home on their tablet PC. BYOD is spilling into other areas of the enterprise, such as bring your own apps (BYOA), bring your own cloud (BYOC) and bring your own network (BYON) -- all of which are changing the mobile landscape and complicating enterprise mobile device policies. Here, we examine next-generation mobile strategies and how emerging BYOD trends are forcing IT leaders to rethink long-held beliefs about where, and how, work gets done.

This CIO Essential Guide on planning for the future of mobility is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Planning for Success-

A next-generation mobile strategy

When BYOD first emerged on the enterprise CIO's radar, one of the primary concerns was securing company data to prevent employees from accidentally -- or intentionally -- sharing confidential information with outsiders. Recent bring your own technology trends like BYOA, BYON and BYOC are forcing IT teams to reconsider current policies and revitalize their mobile strategies. In these stories and tips, get advice from enterprise and SMB CIOs on crafting an IT roadmap for the future of mobility.


Enterprise CIOs need a next-generation mobile strategy

Is your mobile strategy all about replicating what you do already on desktops? This might make you a first-generation CIO. Learn how to become second-generation pro, with a special focus on near-field communications. Continue Reading


Brains behind Angry Birds offers mobile business advice

Fact: Mobile computing is changing the world. Get valuable advice about hiring, firing, moving fast and being memorable from Angry Birds' "Mighty Eagle" Peter Vesterbacka. Continue Reading


Employees mold mobile strategies

Take it from Gary Coverdale, chief information security officer and assistant CIO for Napa County, Calif.: Employee preference is a major influencer in the development of mobile strategies. Coverdale advises CIOs on developing mobility strategies that meet business needs while also appealing to employees' personal device preferences. Continue Reading


Mobile BI in a device-heavy world

CIO Niel Nickolaisen has realized mobile is for anyone, anytime and anywhere, and that most definitely includes in the office. This discovery has inspired not just a mobile-first strategy but, in many cases, a mobile-only strategy. Continue Reading


SearchCIO readers discuss mobility and security

According to SearchCIO readers, BYOD policymaking is just important as ever. Plan for the future of mobility at your organization with advice from our readers. Continue Reading


The future of BYOD: Top threats

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice BYOD. Sure, mobility's future is bright, but there are many risk management snags to sort out. The videos in this section examine the compliance and security threats you may incur as part of an enterprise mobility program, as well as strategies for surmounting them. The final video looks toward the future of mobility and business intelligence, so you can prepare for problems on the horizon.


Cyberthreats and mobility: The risk management fallout

In this webcast, a number of experts weigh in on how new technologies -- mobility, cloud computing, social media -- pose a threat to enterprise security. Learn how to protect your sensitive corporate data.


Sheer number of mobile choices complicates strategy

The move toward consumerization is forcing organizations to rethink how they confront data security and governance. In this webcast, we examine why it's difficult to pin down a one-size-fits-all approach to data protection.


What's coming next for mobile and BI?

Shvetank Shah, executive director at advisory firm CEB, looks at the future of mobility, business intelligence and the cloud, and discusses how CIOs can improve their relationships with the C-suite.

3Emerging trends-

Bring one, bring all: BYOA, BYOC and BYON

In simpler mobility times, employees were merely asking to access work emails and contact lists on the same mobile device they used to tweet and call Mom. Now BYOA, BYOC and BYON are driving IT departments to evaluate how lenient they're willing to be when confidential data is at stake.


Making mobile apps enterprise-ready as BYOA emerge

Jack Gold, president and principal analyst at J. Gold Associates LLC, advises CIOs to start thinking about BYOA as a component of a complete mobility strategy. Read his six steps to making mobile apps enterprise-ready. Continue Reading


iPad apps your business can use

iPad business apps can be invaluable tools for end users, as long as IT administrators keep tabs on their usage. Continue Reading


How to craft a mobile application strategy

Companies are under pressure to craft a mobile application strategy, both for their employees and for customers, as business application access surges in the workplace. Read more in this tip from SearchCIO Executive Editor Linda Tucci. Continue Reading


Best free iPad apps for business

Are you making the most of the flood of smartphones and tablets in the business sphere? Set your company up for success with this top 10 list of free iPad apps for the business. Continue Reading


Is bring your own cloud something CIOs should fear?

In SearchCIO's weekly Searchlight, Senior News Writer Karen Goulart reports IT news and tips from around the Web, including reasons to be wary of BYOC trends in the workplace. Continue Reading


BYOD challenges and benefits for SMBs

Small-business employees used their mobile devices for work-related matters long before it became an issue in the enterprise. Read about some of the challenges SMB CIOs are experiencing with BYOD. Continue Reading


Bring your own what? BYO terms to know

Before implementing bring-your-own programs at your organization, make sure you understand exactly what to expect from employees, clients and customers.

5Tools and technologies-

BYOD studies in success

As CIOs tackle new bring-your-own trends and technologies, success stories are emerging. In this section, learn how BYOD fits into the future of mobility and read how IT leaders across industries are leveraging new device policies to prepare their clients, customers and employees for mobile triumphs.


BYOD in education focuses on productivity

SearchCIO's IT Leader of the Year, Utah State University CIO Eric Hawley, approaches BYOD in education by turning mobile devices into productivity tools. Listen to the podcast to learn how mobile technologies are changing the way Hawley does business. Continue Reading


Dell IT becomes a partner to employees with BYOD program

Andi Karaboutis, Dell Inc.'s global CIO, discusses a new BYOD program, social networks and her relationship with CEO Michael Dell in this CIO Innovators interview. Continue Reading


Confront trouble and build the business with BYOD adoption

BYOD cropped up in the small-business sphere before it came of age in the enterprise. In this feature story, Christine Parizo takes a look at some of the BYOD challenges that SMBs face, and how to overcome them. Continue Reading


Where does BYOT fit into the future?

For this CIO Chatter, SearchCIO polled readers on whether BYOD is a passing trend or the future of IT. It turns out that BYOT management remains a high priority for IT departments -- but for how long? Continue Reading


Could consumer-targeted mobile tools be the future of BYOD?

As employee mobile device use for work purposes continues to become more prevalent, it's forcing companies to reexamine enterprise mobile security processes. Read about a new tool that puts mobile security into the hands of the consumer. Continue Reading


BYOD trends: Test your knowledge of mobile policy and procedure

It's likely your organization has already adopted a BYOD policy, or has one in the works. In recent years, BYOD has sprung up in the workplace as CIOs consider how they can improve accessibility and convenience for their employees. Along the way, CIOs have been bombarded by news, expert advice and how-to demonstrations on BYOD trends, practices and problems -- and we want to see you put that knowledge to the test. Review some of our recent CIO coverage and take our BYOD trend quiz to see whether you have the strategic, security and budgetary knowledge to revolutionize the way in which your organization and employees proceed in what's fast becoming a mobile-first environment.

Test your BYOD smarts

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