Managing technology providers to meet business initiatives: A CIO guide

Last updated:August 2014

Editor's note

Keeping the organization running smoothly is a top priority no matter the field, and it's the CIO's job to ensure technology services and offerings aid -- not cripple -- business growth. That no longer means overseeing merely in-house infrastructure and services: Most enterprise IT leaders are now managing a slew of technology providers as well to ensure that procured services meet the business's needs and forward-looking initiatives.

Navigating the choppy waters of managing technology vendors can be a tricky task. In this CIO Briefing, learn how CIOs and IT leaders in the modern enterprise oversee technology providers in the fast-paced, cloud-heavy, SaaS-enabled world of IT. Hint: It's not all smooth sailing.

This Essential Guide on managing technology providers is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Go to school on vendor tools

Before diving into vendor selection, CIOs must do their research. Watch these SearchCIO videos to learn why fine-tuning strategies and understanding your organization's needs will lead to better vendor selection and management from the get-go.

2Working with cloud computing vendors

It's no secret that cloud computing is a significant player in the IT sphere. Enterprise organizations turn to the cloud in an effort to increase employee efficiency, foster collaboration and provide storage for corporate data. But managing technology providers is part and parcel of cloud computing, and many security- and business-minded folks are still wary about security, data ownership and other such risks. The following SearchCIO case studies, tips and tweet jam recaps offer advice for dealing with the unique challenges posed by cloud computing and its providers.

3Vendor management guidance from the pros

Many technology providers advertise the cost savings their products will supposedly deliver, but that doesn't mean that careful CIOs can shirk any of their vendor management responsibilities or that other departments won't try to pay for IT services themselves. In this roundup of tips and news from SearchCIO, learn who is taking over the enterprise technology budgeting and how to avoid some common IT service provider pitfalls.

4IT service provider management quiz for CIOs

With cloud computing and myriad as-a-service offerings entering the IT market, enterprises are increasingly turning to these outside providers to save them money, improve their businesses process and boost staff efficiencies. As such, CIOs and their teams must carefully manage their technology providers to get the most out of these arrangements. In this quiz, learn how CIOs can take on shadow apps, collaborate with the business on outside technology spending, team up with cloud providers and more.