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The management of information security is at something of a crossroads. On the one hand, CIOs and their security generals have perhaps never had as many targeted tools at their disposal, nor access to as much good advice from their peers and experts on how to avoid being the next victim of a data breach. But on the other hand, the aptitude of hackers seems to be increasing as well, with threats seemingly coming from both foreign and domestic criminals looking to attack via a multitude of channels, whether it's the latest tablet or smartphone, your newest Internet of Things-connected device, or a good old-fashioned, easily crackable password.

Is your organization managing information security in such a way that mitigates these new threats? In this CIO Essential Guide, we provide updates on the latest high-profile hacks and what lessons CIOs can draw, break down the importance of preemptive information security, and offer advice on how to secure the latest breed of technological advancements in the workplace.

This Essential Guide on managing information security is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Hold off hackers and know your legal limitations

The following videos explain how an enterprise mind-set predicated on strong security and compliance policies helps fend off hackers.

2Managing information security proactively

When facing a threat-filled landscape, often the best way to fight back is to properly protect your organization in the first place. How can a CIO go on the offensive? In this section, we review proactive security strategies, including the key players and where CIOs should focus their planning prowess.

3Tackle today's most pressing security challenges

Mobile security, Internet of Things security, application security, biometric security -- suffice it to say, today's enterprise security landscape and offerings are advancing at a rapid pace. In this section, experts and practitioners offer their take on keeping your organization on the cutting edge of new security products and strategies.