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Key IT metrics: A CIO guide

In this Essential Guide, learn best practices to develop key IT metrics that can help CIOs optimize cost, align tech strategies with the business and make the case for IT investment.


An important part of a CIO's job is securing management's confidence by demonstrating the success of the company's IT strategies. In an increasingly digital realm, methods of tracking and measuring that success are not as simple as they once were. While cost-based assessments of IT impact remain relevant, other metrics, such as the alignment of IT investment to business strategy, user experience and cloud optimization, are growing in importance.

Now, CIOs must draw the line of logic between proposed technology expenditures and the business initiatives they seek to support. This means effectively employing -- and going beyond -- key performance indicators (KPIs) to find the real value in IT projects.

In this CIO Essential Guide, we will examine the key IT metrics CIOs can employ when presenting the case for IT investment. We will also discuss the need for a metrics-driven pipeline for developers and explore strategies to reap maximum benefit from cloud investments as more enterprises call on CIOs to monetize information and generate revenue from that data.

This Essential Guide on key IT metrics is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1The key to KPIs-

KPI do's and don'ts

KPIs are important in ascertaining the business value of IT projects, but only if CIOs manage them properly. In this section, explore effective application performance management strategies, ways to measure quality as a KPI and how CIOs can go beyond key IT metrics to better assess and solve IT problems.


How to measure quality as a KPI

Quality is inherently hard to measure, but there is a way to do it, and it depends on the desired outcome. Matt Heusser, principal consultant at Excelon Development, explains. Continue Reading


Why APM should focus on user experience, not just metrics

Organizations increasingly rely on applications to connect and communicate with their customers and stakeholders. As a result, it is important they update their application performance management strategies to focus on user experience -- not just key IT metrics -- if they want to remain competitive, experts say. Continue Reading

Blog Post

The need for a 'metrics-driven pipeline' for developers

Developers who are part of a DevOps team need metrics, according to Andreas Grabner, technology strategist at Dynatrace. At the DevOpsDays conference in Boston, Grabner said a "metrics-driven pipeline" will ensure the delivery of quality code, and outlined some of the tools of the developer trade. Continue Reading


Keeping KPI tracking in check enables greater productivity

Don't overdo KPIs -- a handful should be enough to capture the essence of the business or segment. Any more could dilute the user's attention, drawing focus away from key measurements. Continue Reading


BPM tools go beyond KPIs and pave way for digitization

Deloitte's Craig White, national strategy and operations quality and risk management leader, says BPM tool tech can drill down beyond key performance indicators to help CIOs understand and iron out business process issues. Continue Reading

2Optimizing cloud practices-

Measuring cloud investments

Transitioning to the cloud and keeping your cloud processes running smoothly is no easy task -- especially when these decisions have to be justified to upper management. To keep both IT and the business happy, CIOs need to employ the right blend of cloud metrics, practices and tools. In this section, get tips on tackling cloud performance issues, weighing cloud ROI, and cloud cost optimization strategies.


Consider these metrics when building a cloud network architecture

What metrics should you consider when building cloud network architecture? In this webcast, John Burke, principal research analyst and CIO at Nemertes Research, outlines how taking into account metrics like customer satisfaction and user experience can help mitigate the challenges associated with building cloud network architecture. Continue Reading

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How can you measure cloud ROI?

While there is no boilerplate way to determine return on investment (ROI) on cloud services, research analyst John Burke suggests that figuring out the services costs is not that complicated. The human side of the equation is where things can get fuzzy. Continue Reading


Five tips to beat cloud performance issues

Poor cloud performance can have a negative impact on any type of cloud platform, whether it is public, private or hybrid. These quick tips will help you handle cloud performance issues and avert them in the future. Continue Reading


Cost assessment among biggest cloud computing snags

Executives still struggle to address cloud problems like cost assessment, according to consultant Tom Nolle. He details several of the persistent cloud issues he's seeing in the enterprise. Continue Reading


Cloud migrations often lead to reduced TCO

Many enterprises migrate apps to the cloud in hopes of reducing TCO, but these enterprises should be aware of hidden cloud costs from the get-go. Continue Reading


Cloud cost optimization checklist

To maximize cloud's cost efficiency, enterprises should follow these few steps, starting with devising a cost optimization plan and understanding provider charges. Continue Reading


What to to expect from cloud service brokers

Cloud service brokers can make or break a cloud migration. Here are nine tasks, including cloud cost management, to expect from CSBs. Continue Reading

3IT investment assessment-

IT metrics and business decisions

Getting funding for IT projects is a challenge many CIOs are all too familiar with. How do you prove that particular projects align with your company's business strategy or get the support needed to drive project success? In this section, explore tips on nailing down IT investments.


Startup IT funding tips perfect for CIOs

Getting the funding for innovation IT projects can be an uphill battle, but, according to Gartner's Barbara Gomolski, CIOs can learn a thing or two from startups on how to raise capital. Here are her three tips. Continue Reading


Systems of engagement: Three levels of investment

Systems of engagement are ground zero for digital transformation. Crossing the Chasm author Geoffrey Moore gives advice on how to talk digital investments with the business. Continue Reading


How to thrive in the 'outcome economy'

Smart products and services are changing the way businesses give customers what they want. Allan Alter, senior research fellow for Accenture, explains what kind of IT investment and savvy is needed in this new "outcome economy." Continue Reading


Key IT metrics terminology

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