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Information technology priorities: A guide to TechTarget's annual survey

In this guide, explore TechTarget's 2016 Information Technology Priorities Survey findings and take a look back at findings from previous years.


In IT no goals or strategies are set in stone -- they change with each new innovation and enterprise market shift. In TechTarget's 2016 Information Technology Priorities Survey, professionals in the IT field shared their top projects, prospects and concerns for this year -- broaching the topics of tech spending; projected budgets; and shifting analytics, security and software priorities.

The survey was conducted in late 2015, with 385 IT professionals in a wide range of industries surveyed in North America. The majority of respondents list their titles as directors/senior IT managers, IT staff, midlevel managers, and engineers/programmers/designers. Respondents are employed at organizations with an average size of about 17,600 employees.

In this Essential Guide, explore the results of TechTarget's 2016 technology priorities survey, learn what projects and initiatives top IT professionals' to-do lists this year, and follow the latest IT budget and spending expectations. Then get a snapshot of the IT priorities and expectations of yesteryear by exploring previous years' findings, going all the way back to 2010. See how they compare to this year's results.

12016 findings-

A focus on security, consolidation amid modest spending increases

Things are looking up when it comes to 2016 IT expenditures, according to this year's survey, with a large percentage of organizations modestly upping their overall IT spending. How do other areas of IT fare in our survey? This section gives an extensive overview of the 2016 survey findings, delving into software priorities, Windows 10 adoption and health IT buying intentions.


IT priorities for 2016: Control, contain and protect

Organizations' technology priorities for 2016 focus on projects like data center consolidation, security, big data analytics and more cloud services. Continue Reading


Survey finds BI, analytics to be top software priorities

TechTarget's 2016 IT Priorities Survey shows that BI implementation, analytics and data warehouse software are top priorities for IT leaders. Continue Reading


Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade offer drives spike in adoption

Adoption is on the rise as IT professionals look to take advantage of Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade offer prior to its expiration on July 29, but some cost and privacy concerns remain. Continue Reading


Healthcare data security tops health IT purchasing intentions

Data security and HIPAA compliance emerged as top priorities in TechTarget's survey of 2016 health IT purchasing intentions. Cloud and mobility, meanwhile, are growing quickly. Continue Reading

22015 findings-

Increased cloud focus, budgets

One of the fastest-growing technology priorities has been cloud computing, so it's not surprising that budgets for cloud services continued to grow in 2015. But cloud services were not the only IT areas that were expected to expand in 2015 -- software and hardware also saw some increased attention in our survey. Find out more in this article.


2015 IT outlook: Cloud, budget growth

The 2015 IT outlook includes higher budgets and an even greater emphasis on cloud computing, according to TechTarget's annual survey of IT priorities. Continue Reading

32014 findings-

All about BI, mobility and Windows 8

What were the biggest technology priorities in the 2014 survey of 1,368 IT professionals in the U.S. and Canada? Business intelligence, mobile, virtualization and Windows 8, to name a few. Read more in this two-part report.


IT managers look ahead in 2014 IT priorities survey

TechTarget's annual IT priorities survey finds that 2014 strategies were expected to include heavy doses of business intelligence, mobility and Windows 8. Continue Reading


Enterprise technology priorities in 2014

The IT blueprint for enterprise technology in 2014 was expected to focus on mobility, virtualization and the cloud, according to TechTarget's annual IT Priorities survey. Continue Reading

42013 findings-

Infrastructure, security and software at top of priorities list

As cloud started to gain traction and mobile continued to change the IT landscape, data protection, server virtualization and security were on the top of IT executives' priorities lists in 2013.


2013 IT forecast: New meets old

TechTarget's 2013 IT forecast found organizations were still spending heavily on infrastructure, security and software, while cloud and consumer technologies were gaining ground. Continue Reading

52012 findings-

Strong Windows 7 migration, weak overall IT growth

Remember Windows 7? In 2012, IT executives ranked Windows 7 migration as their top technology priority, followed by virtualization and security. Cloud adoption, on the other hand, was lower than expected, as was IT spending.


2012 IT priorities: Lots of Windows 7 migration, not so much cloud adoption

Our survey found the top IT priority in 2012 to be Windows 7 migration. Cloud adoption didn't fare quite as well as predicted, however. Continue Reading


Cautious IT growth forecast in 2012 in the U.S.

Although spending was expected to increase in U.S. IT departments, our IT forecast for 2012, based on the annual IT priorities survey, showed a smaller increase than expected. Continue Reading

62011 findings-

A BI push, with stabilizing budgets and highlight on virtualization

Following a less-than-stellar year, IT bounced back slightly in 2012. Business intelligence was on IT executives' minds that year, as was virtualization, software and -- less prominently -- cloud computing.


IT budgets, priorities regain health in 2011

Virtualization and software spending topped IT budgets in 2011, while staffing levels were shortchanged and organizations started shifting toward the cloud, according to TechTarget's 2011 IT Priorities Survey. Continue Reading

72010 findings-

Bad year for budgets

The mantra of 2010 was "doing more for less," as IT budgets were expected to drop 2.7% in North America that year, according to our survey. Security, however, remained an important IT spending point.


2010 IT plans: Smaller budgets

2010 was the year that most IT budgets declined, according to our annual IT priorities survey, which revealed significant differences in both budgets and priorities between haves and have-nots. Continue Reading


Information security budgets: Closest thing to recession-proof in 2010

Information security budgets in enterprise IT organizations were expected to remain healthy in 2010 compared with other IT spending areas. Continue Reading


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