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IT services management and best practices: An enterprise CIO guide

In this enterprise guide for CIOs, leaders share their IT services management triumphs -- and failures. Browse the briefing for our latest and greatest news, tips and ITSM best practices.


IT services management (ITSM) aims to align the delivery of IT services with the needs of the organization, employees and customers. At the enterprise level, ITSM often incorporates the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a globally recognized collection of best practices for IT services management, as well as lean or Agile best practices aimed at optimizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

Proper service management has become increasingly important as big data, self-service provisioning and bring-your-own-everything enter the business sphere. As a result, having a working knowledge of how ITSM can benefit business and IT processes isn't enough. CIOs must also focus their attention on providing comprehensive ITSM training and implementing Agile change management processes to keep users happy.

But don't take it from us -- take it from the pros. In this Essential Guide, get advice and tips from CIOs in the field looking to increase business value by developing cream-of-the-crop IT services management programs. These IT leaders share their dos, don'ts and personal experiences with ITSM implementation.

This Essential Guide on ITSM best practices is part of SearchCIO's CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.


ITSM, ITIL and Lean: So happy together

Ask CIOs what ITSM framework they follow, and the answer is likely to be a fairly mixed bag ... and for good reason. One size and one framework don't fit all. CIOs must assess their organization's most pressing needs surrounding IT service delivery and create programs that meet these needs without breaking the bank -- or their users' patience. In these stories, learn about the benefits of combining various service and process management frameworks and best practices.


Lean ITSM improves services

Troy DuMoulin, vice president of professional services at IT management best practices firm Pink Elephant, suggests that applying lean principles to ITSM will result in continuous service improvement. Listen to our podcast interview with DuMoulin and see if you agree. Continue Reading


Services management strategy from ITIL's chief architect

In this chapter excerpt from Service Intelligence: Improving Your Bottom Line with the Power of IT Service Management, Sharon Taylor, ITIL's chief examiner and its former chief architect, suggests four basic service ingredients: Purpose, functions, performance and quality. Learn how to this ingredient list can help power IT services toward a winning ITSM strategy. Continue Reading


Process improvement: ITIL and ITSM best practices

In this guide, learn how enterprise CIOs are using ITIL and ITSM processes and best practices to cut costs and increase efficiencies. The guide focuses on process methodologies and tools and technologies that abet ITSM processes. Continue Reading


The Real Niel: Implementing Lean methodologies

In this expert tip, CIO Niel Nickolaisen identifies and outlines seven forms of waste in the Lean methodology, then discusses how to map IT processes for better business agility. Continue Reading


How an ITIL framework can benefit both IT and the business

When a global business process outsourcing company brought its IT operations back in-house, it aimed to do so with structure and discipline. The ITIL framework made it all possible, allowing the organization to set overall standards that align with industry imperatives. Continue Reading


IT services management advice, straight from the pros

Are you capitalizing on IT services management and delivery best practices? Watch and learn from these experts, who deliver advice on managing IT services at your organization.


New ITIL and ITSM trends shifting CIO concerns

Shvetank Shah, executive director at the advisory services firm CEB, shares insights on how the newest trends in IT are changing the role of the enterprise CIO. Watch this video filmed at the 2012 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium to hear about the four shifts occurring in corporate IT today.


Teaching ITIL with e-learning

In this video, David Pultorak, ITIL consultant and founder and chairman of Pultorak & Associates, explains the pros and cons of online ITIL training. E-learning allows for flexible delivery options and easy navigation, Pultorak says, and doesn't put constraints on the time of day or location from which ITIL students can participate.


IT Roadmap: Driving Agile development and business value

In this video interview with Liberty Mutual CIO Mojgan Lefebvre, SearchCIO asks how IT leaders should plan for a future that is constantly changing, all while creating business value and leveraging the power of big data.


IT services management for SMBs

In this video interview from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2012, Raymond Laracuenta, a managing vice president at consultancy Gartner Inc., discusses the greatest challenges and opportunities facing SMBs today as they manage IT services to deliver business value.


ITSM: Addressing the chokeholds

ITSM and ITIL frameworks clearly lead to improved service delivery, but CIOs often run into challenges with one of the core ITSM disciplines: change management.

Change management is not just a service transition, but a transition for every employee, partner and customer. Does your organization have what it takes to make the change management changeover as seamless and painless as possible? In the following pieces, our experts and CIO share their best advice for overcoming change management challenges.


Escape change management process chokeholds

Derek Lonsdale, CIO adviser at PA Consulting Group Ltd., shares his hands-on experience with change management challenges and explains how to release the business from certain change chokeholds. Continue Reading


Escape change management process chokeholds

Derek Lonsdale, CIO adviser at PA Consulting Group Ltd., shares his hands-on experience with change management challenges and explains how to release the business from certain change chokeholds. Continue Reading


Igniting right and left brain in change management

CIO Michael Saitow discusses how managing change in IT is best accomplished by using both hemispheres of the brain, fusing logic and creativity toward successful business endeavors. Continue Reading


Change management: Our best leadership and strategy examples

What leads to change management success? Read lessons from leaders dealing with mergers and acquisitions, strategic business change, system deployments and new executives in charge. Continue Reading


Fostering change amidst project failure and user resistance

In this feature story, CIO Niel Nickolaisen shares his change management struggles in the midst of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) project. Learn how he helped resistant users accept system changes, reduced project risks and, he says, added years to his life. Continue Reading


ITSM and ITIL: Terms to know

Improve your chances of properly implementing frameworks for IT services management and ITIL by brushing up on these related terms.


The consumerization of ITSM: A brave new world

CIO conversations have shifted from IT service catalogues to self-service provisioning. Forget just bring your own device -- IT service delivery is being reshaped by bring-your-own-everything. Nowhere is this more evident than with cloud services, which users feel empowered to peruse and purchase outside the purview of the IT organization.

The columns, tips and stories in this section offer a forward-looking overview of how ITSM best practices are changing in light of this BYOE era, and why self-service provisioning and other cloud trends make it more important than ever that IT operate like a business.


ITSM: Keeping pace with tech change

In this in-depth tip by former CIO Harvey Koeppel, learn how your ITSM procedures can keep pace with today's fast-evolving technologies. Koeppel provides readers with timelines of different tech innovations, as well as lists of objectives, domains and frameworks for ITSM. Continue Reading


Customer expectations drive IT delivery

According to Niel Nickolaisen, consumerization means that people and experiences beyond our control are setting our customers' expectations of IT. To keep stride with consumization trends, Nickolaisen offers four steps for meeting IT service delivery expectations. Continue Reading


Self-service technology and shadow IT

The term shadow IT describes hardware or software within an organization that is not supported by the central IT department. CIOs have become increasingly concerned with shadow IT in the age of self-service technology. In this news piece, learn how to get a jump on tackling shadow IT. Continue Reading


Owens Corning finds success in shared services

CIO David Johns puts the focus on external customers with a shared services model at Owens Corning. Learn how Johns' model helps deliver low-cost but high-value IT services. Continue Reading


The dawn of the consumerization era for ITSM tools

The problem with ITSM at many organizations is that many processes are not integrated or efficient to begin with, and are generally too complex for both IT departments and employees to use. The newest set of ITSM tools can help. Continue Reading


IT service management and delivery: A quiz for CIOs

IT service management (ITSM) is a process-based practice focused on aligning IT systems and services with the needs of the company and its end users. IT service management and delivery moves organizations away from treating IT services as distinct silos and moves toward an environment where IT services blend seamlessly, improving the user experience. ITSM is often guided by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a globally recognized collection of best practices.

Think you know it all when it comes to IT service management and delivery? Test your knowledge with our ITSM and ITIL quiz and discover how your company can improve in the areas of service, change and incident management.

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