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IT career survey 2013: Employee satisfaction, executive compensation

TechTarget's Annual IT Salary and Careers Survey uncovers the latest trends in IT executive compensation, employee satisfaction and the evolution of IT careers.


Each year, TechTarget conducts a Salary and Careers Survey to gauge where IT executives and staff stand in terms of earnings, employee satisfaction, job prospects and IT priorities for the year ahead. This year, 1,711 IT professionals took our career survey, ranging from systems administrators to CIOs, and spilled on employee and executive compensation, what keeps them content in their current job or pushes them to look elsewhere and where they'll focus their IT efforts heading into 2014.


The 2013 IT Salary and Careers Survey: An overview

Visual learners, this one's for you. In this infographic, we uncover how your paycheck compares to those of others with a similar job title, divulge whether salary expectations are on the rise and reveal whether IT professionals are optimistic about the road ahead.


Check out our IT salary survey infographic

TechTarget's Annual Salary and Careers Survey took the pulse of IT professionals on their current earnings, the mood in IT and salary expectations for 2014. Continue Reading

2The CIO view-

IT executive compensation, priorities and job satisfaction

TechTarget's 2013 Annual Salary and Careers Survey took the pulse of 466 senior IT executives, and in this section, they lay it all out for us: how much they make, how they prioritize projects and what keeps them happy in their current positions or causes them to seek out new career opportunities.


CIOs offer IT guidance for 2014

Three IT executives spill the beans on their compensation, their career aspirations and the factors that keep them engaged in their work. Continue Reading


What's your IT earning potential?

What's the secret to earning higher pay in an IT career? According to our survey, doing this one thing can nearly double a senior IT executive's compensation. Continue Reading


Senior IT compensation: The sum also rises

How does IT executive compensation in 2013 compare to earnings in the previous years, and where do senior executives expect their compensation to go in the coming year? Continue Reading


Executives have positive outlook for the year ahead

Senior IT executives told us that they're optimistic about their IT organization's year ahead. What factors are contributing to this sunny disposition? Continue Reading


To the cloud, say SMB IT execs

The mood in smaller IT organizations is reasonably bright, but technology executives refuse to stand pat, instead turning to cloud computing and other technologies to keep them atop their IT game. Continue Reading

3The view across IT-

Compensation and IT priorities by job title

Going into 2014, all segments of IT are examining their technology budgets and priorities for the coming year. In this section, we reveal our IT career survey results as they relate to compliance officers, networking professionals, server and data center managers, developer-programmers, and channel professionals, and gauge their earning potential and job satisfaction.


IT head counts and budgets: On the up-and-up

Reports of the IT organization's demise appear to have been premature: IT budgets and head counts held steady or grew in the past year, our salary finds. Continue Reading


Project planning: BYOD in, outsourcing out

It's a mobile, mobile, mobile world. Read about bring your own device and other IT priorities for the year ahead, according to top IT executives. Continue Reading


GRC professionals: Are salaries keeping up with pertinence?

Governance, risk and compliance professionals are an essential part of today's risk-minded, data-laden organizations. Are their salaries keeping up with their broadened responsibilities? Continue Reading


Networking professionals staying put, despite salary gap

The average salary in networking is less than averages across other IT job functions, but our survey says that few networking pros are seeking other opportunities. Continue Reading


Is your data center management plan ready for prime time?

A recent TechTarget IT priorities survey unveiled data center managers' virtualization focus and security concerns as they head into 2014. Continue Reading


Data center duties: Challenges in the new year

Server managers weigh in on their data center plans for the year ahead, and detail the systems management and job challenges they expect to face. Continue Reading


Developer-programmers: A tale of two pay structures

Although developer-programmers receive higher base salaries than many other IT respondents, their bonuses lag those of their peers. Does that affect how they feel about their jobs? Continue Reading


Are IT security professionals getting paid their worth?

Our annual information security survey shows that for IT security professionals, total compensation is up; plus, a third of IT organizations are looking to make new hires. Continue Reading


IT channel pros a highly compensated group

Our IT channel salary survey results reveal average base salaries and total compensation for U.S. VARs, systems integrators, managed services providers (MSPs) and IT consultants. Find pay scales by job role, tenure, company type and size, and more. Continue Reading

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