IT Priorities Survey: Pros' 2015 tech plans, projects and concerns

Last updated:April 2015

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A new year, a new list of IT initiatives to tackle. In TechTarget's 2015 IT Priorities Survey, professionals in the IT field shared their top projects, expectations and concerns for this year -- touching upon new technology integration, projected budgets, consolidation plans and future big data analytics strategies.

The survey was conducted in late 2014, with 2,212 IT professionals surveyed worldwide. Of the survey respondents, 27% work in North America, 26% work in Europe and 25% work in Asia-Pacific. The majority of respondents list their titles as mid-level IT managers, directors/senior IT managers, engineers/programmers and IT staff. Respondents are employed at companies with an average size of about 17,000 employees.

In this Essential Guide, examine the results of TechTarget's 2015 IT Priorities Survey, discover what projects top IT professionals' to-do lists this year, and follow the latest IT budget expectations.

1Data center infrastructure upgrades planned for 2015

Just as construction workers can't build without a solid foundation, businesses can't function without the right infrastructure and technological basis. As IT professionals know, technology infrastructures are far from "set it and forget it" undertakings -- continual upgrades and redesigns are what keep the entire business working successfully and allow for proper IT service delivery. That may be one of the reasons almost half of IT leaders surveyed reported an increased hardware budget in 2015. This article explores what infrastructure projects IT professionals are set to tackle this year.

2Where is IT money going in 2015?

Where is your IT funding going this year? That's the big question that IT professionals grapple with annually. Determining whether a technology is worth the extra backing or whether a project is still relevant is a challenging, but necessary process. In this article, get survey respondents' takes on projected 2015 budget allocations and find out which initiatives they think are worth the money.

3Big data projects set to expand this year

The enterprise buzz around big data is … well, big. So, it's not surprising that big data projects are toward the top of the IT priority list. The main concern for businesses is figuring out what to do with all the data and what tools are needed to do it. This article outlines how businesses -- as well as respondents to our 2015 IT Priorities Survey -- are rethinking data analytics with the surge of big data and explores what IT initiatives are on the docket this year to help take advantage of big data and move the enterprise forward.