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Enterprise mobile application development: A CIO strategy guide

Ace enterprise mobile application development with the resources in this CIO Essential Guide.


Enterprise mobile application development is an "It" topic among CIOs. Whether your enterprise is jumping on the mobility bandwagon, has its own app store, views a strategy centered around bring your own application (BYOA) as a prime opportunity, or is looking toward the future of mobile application development, CIOs -- even those who think they know everything about developing mobile apps -- must become masters of their mobile application destiny to keep pace with the speed of innovation today.

In recent Essential Guides, SearchCIO delved into big data analytics and its applications and tackled mastering the cloud via a cloud computing blueprint. In this month's guide, we examine the progression of enterprise mobile application development from the initial strategic planning phase to the inevitable post-launch blunders and the big-picture considerations, providing CIOs strategic and tactical tools to develop five-star-rated mobile applications based on real-world deployments.

This strategic planning guide on enterprise mobile application development is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Enterprise mobile strategy-

Do we need an app for that?

Enterprise mobile application development is predicated on determining what mobile apps your organization's employees and customers are using and why. Are you asking the right strategy questions? Learn more in this section on key planning-stage decisions when developing a mobile app development program.


CIOs: Pay heed to mobile business apps

Mobile business apps have the potential to make or break IT departments. CIOs must prepare for when marketing inevitably requests custom-made applications for mobile devices. Continue Reading


The secrets to crafting a mobile app strategy

As the number of mobile devices on the market multiplies, CIOs are faced with to devising a mobile application strategy that suits both employees and customers -- and that won't be easy. Continue Reading


Build your own mobile app? It depends

A developed-in-house mobile app can provide small businesses with a competitive advantage, but the build-your-own-app route won't suit every organization. Continue Reading


When it comes to mobility, CIOs must be ready to compete

Achieving competitive advantage by undertaking a mobile app strategy was no easy feat at a statewide bank, but an early jump and committed follow-through made the difference. Continue Reading


Angry Birds executives on how mobile changes business

Will mobile computing change the world? See what the Mighty Eagle of application giant Angry Birds has to say. Continue Reading


Ubiquitous wireless paving the way for mobile apps

The world is awash in widespread wireless technology, and the time is now for CIOs to start developing mobile apps that propel the enterprise forward. Continue Reading


Six steps for developing enterprise-ready mobile apps

BYOA has arrived, and whether your enterprise mobile application strategy is in place or still progressing, these six steps will help. Continue Reading


Mobile application development: A video tutorial

These videos provide guidance on application performance management, mobile apps stores and designing apps for tablets.


Application performance management can make or break your brand

Application performance management is more difficult and necessary than ever to the business. This webcast advises CIOs on how to get APM up to snuff.


Dell IT wrangles consumerization with mobile apps store

In this video interview, Adriana 'Andi' Karaboutis talks about how her 'Ellis Island' team helped get rid of shadow IT by building a mobile apps store.


Guess CIO designs a great iPad app for store buyers

Guess CIO Michael Relich had a change of heart about the iPad as a business tool. The fashion retailer's buying team is glad he did.

3Choose a path-

Mobile application development methodologies

Once an enterprise has determined that it will pursue mobile application development, a host of development methodologies present themselves, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. In this section, determine the application development approach that best fits your organization's mobility needs.


When mobile app dev meets Agile

Some organizations are embracing Agile best practices as they build mobile apps that adjust to changing business needs. Continue Reading


Random acts of mobile and user-first approaches

Expert J Schwan says that a lack of communication is marring mobile channel strategies. His recommendation? Put users first in your app dev philosophy. Continue Reading


Does speed-to-market trump quality in mobile app dev?

In mobile application development, what's the priority: being first to market or being the best? We polled three experts on the topic. Continue Reading


How to develop five-star apps

In this Ask the Expert, Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond explains how to tweak mobile efforts toward developing a five-star app. Continue Reading


How to produce purpose-built mobile apps

Hammond runs down a list of dos and don'ts for enterprises looking to develop their own purpose-built mobile applications. Continue Reading


How to evolve enterprise culture to promote mobile app dev

Hammond tackles how to redirect the development culture to support mobile application development. Continue Reading


Forrester: Use mobility to drive business innovation

This tip provides a step-by-step guide for using mobility to drive business process transformation in the enterprise. Continue Reading


Mobile device management with an eye toward apps

MDM is vital to a larger enterprise mobility strategy, but mobile application management is a key component as well. Continue Reading


Three experts explain how to monetize a mobile app

A series of experts share the secrets behind monetizing their mobile apps and provide advice on how CIOs can get in the game. Continue Reading


Learn mobile application development lingo

Mastering enterprise mobile application development starts with understanding some of the more popular app dev terms in use today.

5Case studies-

Enterprise mobile applications in action

What lessons have your fellow CIOs learned in the course of developing mobile applications? In this section, we present case studies profiling real-world mobile app deployments, digging into the good, the bad and the ugly of getting mobile apps off the ground.


Three steps to re-envisioning enterprise mobile applications

American Airlines' mobility guru provides his garnered-from-experience advice for launching a successful mobile application program. Continue Reading


Analytics on a iPad? We built an app for that

Guess? Inc. CIO Michael Relich delivered a mobile analytics app for the iPad that had employees bringing their own devices into the workplace to give it a whirl. Continue Reading


A mobile app buoyed by big data designed for digital users

Kaplan Inc.'s chief digital officer places a premium on mobile app design when considering and shaping content, and CIOs should similarly consider the mobile user experience. Continue Reading


A concierge in your pocket, thanks to an app

A mobile app takes hotel customer service to a whole different level, but it required constant adjustments and a heavy-duty dose of promotion. Continue Reading


Sonic Automotive takes mobile BI on a test drive

Mobile business intelligence and advanced analytics are evolving the BI program at a national auto retailer committed to providing on-the-go data. Continue Reading


Bank leaders liberated by bevy of mobility offerings

Deploying trendy mobile technologies is easy, but try saying the same for mobile solutions that actually improve the business. Here's one CIO who figured out how. Continue Reading


The mobile app payoff comes after the launch

Learn how mobile application performance management software can stymie lackluster apps from leaving your users sour. Continue Reading


Enterprise mobile application development: Test your knowledge

In the age of digital businesses, a mobile application development strategy is a must. Review our recent SearchCIO coverage and take our quiz on enterprise mobile application development to make the most of your mobile strategy.

Test your mobile app IQ

7The big picture-

Mobile application development trends

Social networking, analytics, cloud computing -- all have an effect on your mobile application strategy, and CIOs must consider application lifecycle management in the proper context. This section looks at mobile application development trends as they relate to broader digital strategy initiatives that are transforming business models and industries as a whole.


The connected car reshapes mobile business as usual

Enterprise mobility is spreading to entities far too large to fit in your pocket. The connected car is just one example of disruptive mobility trends. Continue Reading


How to hone your enterprise's digital strategy

Is a digital strategy the responsibility of the IT department? What about marketing? Online experts offer advice on deciphering this difficult, far-reaching question. Continue Reading


Mobile personalization: The promise and the peril

The future of mobile personalization goes far beyond recommending the next movie you should catch in the theatre or where to get the best pizza nearby. But super-targeted apps have a creepy side, too. Continue Reading


A deep dive into the application economy

CIO expert Harvey Koeppel takes a good hard look at the modern application economy and, several cups of black coffee later, emerges with some pertinent advice for CIOs. Continue Reading


From smoke signals to SMAC, digital business is here

Koeppel analyzes the ways in which social networking, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) have evolved both in-house and customer-facing business communications. Continue Reading

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