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Enterprise mobile application development: A CIO strategy guide

Last updated:October 2014

Editor's note

Enterprise mobile application development is an "It" topic among CIOs. Whether your enterprise is jumping on the mobility bandwagon, has its own app store, views a strategy centered around bring your own application (BYOA) as a prime opportunity, or is looking toward the future of mobile application development, CIOs -- even those who think they know everything about developing mobile apps -- must become masters of their mobile application destiny to keep pace with the speed of innovation today.

In recent Essential Guides, SearchCIO delved into big data analytics and its applications and tackled mastering the cloud via a cloud computing blueprint. In this month's guide, we examine the progression of enterprise mobile application development from the initial strategic planning phase to the inevitable post-launch blunders and the big-picture considerations, providing CIOs strategic and tactical tools to develop five-star-rated mobile applications based on real-world deployments.

This strategic planning guide on enterprise mobile application development is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Mobile application development: A video tutorial

These videos provide guidance on application performance management, mobile apps stores and designing apps for tablets.

2Mobile application development methodologies

Once an enterprise has determined that it will pursue mobile application development, a host of development methodologies present themselves, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. In this section, determine the application development approach that best fits your organization's mobility needs.

3Learn mobile application development lingo

Mastering enterprise mobile application development starts with understanding some of the more popular app dev terms in use today.

4Enterprise mobile applications in action

What lessons have your fellow CIOs learned in the course of developing mobile applications? In this section, we present case studies profiling real-world mobile app deployments, digging into the good, the bad and the ugly of getting mobile apps off the ground.

5Enterprise mobile application development: Test your knowledge

In the age of digital businesses, a mobile application development strategy is a must. Review our recent SearchCIO coverage and take our quiz on enterprise mobile application development to make the most of your mobile strategy.

6Mobile application development trends

Social networking, analytics, cloud computing -- all have an effect on your mobile application strategy, and CIOs must consider application lifecycle management in the proper context. This section looks at mobile application development trends as they relate to broader digital strategy initiatives that are transforming business models and industries as a whole.