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Enterprise 3D printing tutorial: CIO challenges and advice

3D printing has made its way into many industries, but what should the CIO know? In this enterprise 3D printing tutorial, catch up on SearchCIO's recent 3D technology coverage including expert advice, tips and columns.


3D printing isn't a new innovation. Thirty or so years ago Charles Hull developed the first commercially available rapid prototyping technology using UV light to cure and bond photopolymer resin, which built up layer by layer.

Flash forward to present day: The shrinking cost of desktop 3D printers has propelled the use of the technology among enterprises, and the list of potential uses is extensive. The technology was initially used for constructing prototypes, but is now used in the medical, aerospace and commercial manufacturing industries to fabricate functional parts and devices.

With so many possibilities, how should a CIO deal with 3D printing in their enterprise organization? SearchCIO contributors Harvey Koeppel and Niel Nickolaisen both suggest that IT executives start by educating themselves on the basic concepts and principles of enterprise 3D printing by reading, taking courses and networking with colleagues. From there, experimentation and open communication will guide organizations in the right direction.

This enterprise 3D printing tutorial rounds up recent SearchCIO coverage. From challenges like dealing with counterfeits and stolen IP to reaping the benefit of smart innovation and leadership, read how to make 3D work in your organization.

1Enterprise 3D printing advice-

Get started on an enterprise 3D printing strategy

Before diving into this enterprise 3D printing tutorial to examine 3D technology payoffs and challenges, read expert advice for enterprise CIOs. Learn how to develop a 3D printing strategy fit for any organization.


Infographic: 3D printing advice for CIOs

SearchCIO's Enterprise 3D Printing Guide infographic outlines industry examples, expert advice and technical challenges. Also, learn why 3D printing offers CIOs an extraordinary career opportunity. Continue Reading


Insourcing vs. outsourcing: The 3D printing debate

Does it make sense for your organization to invest in 3D printing, or should you use third-party services? Reporter Nicole Laskowski explains why only the use cases, and beginning "with the end in mind," can provide that answer. Continue Reading


Develop a 3D printing strategy, assay CIO innovation IQ

Not all IT leaders need concern themselves with 3D printing -- but a 3D printing strategy could be a good trial for CIOs looking to test, validate and scale emerging tech, according SearchCIO columnist Niel Nickolaisen. Continue Reading


A strategic primer for CIOs on 3D printing tech

How can CIOs strategically prepare for 3D printing to arrive in the workplace? Nicole Laskowski explains in this tip. Continue Reading

Blog Post

3D printing in the enterprise isn't that far off

It's not too soon for CIOs to start preparing for the emerging 3D printing market. In this Total CIO blog post, expert Shawn DuBravac discusses what that preparation entails, including coaching employees through a transition from 2D to 3D thinking. Continue Reading

23D printing payoff-

3D applications abound; pros outweigh cons

3D printing technology applications are impressive. From being used to build parts for NASA space crafts to fabricating functional heart valves -- the opportunities might give an IT team goose bumps. In this section, contributors and experts explain the pros and payoff.


3D printing: We ain't seen nothin' yet

SearchCIO columnist Harvey Koeppel takes a look at modern-day uses of 3D technology in aerospace, architecture, commercial manufacturing, and medical and life sciences. Read through for his 12-step CIO program for 3D printing. Continue Reading


How CIOs can take advantage of 3D printing technology

In this feature by Nicole Laskowski, experts advise that enterprise organizations be wary of 3D printing's fragmented market while also using the 3D hype as an opportunity to rebrand the IT group as a business innovation partner. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Time-to-market and costs reduced with 3D printing

3D printing cuts down design cycles and accelerates how long it takes to bring products to market. This TotalCIO blog post dives into more benefits derived from 3D printing implementation. Continue Reading

33D challenges-

Enterprise CIOs: Prepare for 3D complications

Deciding how and where to use 3D printing in the enterprise is not easy. For CIOs today, challenges like cost, data management and IP security add to any resistance to the technology. Read up on the impediments to wider adoption of 3D printers.


Counterfeits and stolen IP among top concerns for CIOs

With three-dimensional printing comes massive data sets and a culture shift toward continuous delivery. Getting a handle on data management, security and collaboration will help CIOs and IT organizations succeed in 3D printing implementation. Continue Reading

Blog Post

3D printing myths busted

Myth or fact: 3D printing is too expensive. 3D printing is only for low-quality, plastic goods. 3D printers can replace organs. The 3D printing market is on the decline. Find out which of these common 3D "challenges" is an actual hurdle faced by enterprise IT organizations. Continue Reading

43D Glossary-

Know your 3D lexicon

3D printing isn't new, but some business and IT executives are just starting to explore 3D tech options for their organizations. Start here with some of TechTarget's 3D-related definitions.

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