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Big data exploration and analytics for CIOs: Oh, the places you'll go

Big data exploration and analytics represent a brave new world for CIOs ready to invest in tools and training. Learn more in this Essential Guide.


Oh, the places you'll go! If Dr. Seuss were still writing today, he might have penned that hallowed phrase about business intelligence (BI) analytics. In relatively short order during the past several years, data collection and analysis have exploded as areas of focus in enterprise IT. "Data is the new oil," "Data is gold" -- the analogies could go on and on (and we bet Dr. Seuss could rustle up a few more).

And that's the thing about big data exploration and analytics -- the applications seemingly go on and on. Enterprises are turning to BI and analysis to solve business problems they didn't even know existed prior to the big data boom. There are challenges, sure, but there is also a promise of more targeted enterprise spending as a result of insights gleaned from data.

Is your organization on board with everything big data analytics has to offer? In this CIO Essential Guide, we explore the promise of analytics, examine how companies are making big data actionable and look at the trend toward mobile analytics for a roving field of employees. Plus, get our latest big data reports from the field in a collection of our Data Mill columns.

This Essential Guide on big data exploration and analytics is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Strategy overview-

The premise and promise of big data analytics

A number of big data buzzwords have entered into the business intelligence lexicon: text analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and more. What do they mean for CIOs charged with taking this surfeit of information and making it actionable? In these pieces from SearchCIO, explore the various facets of big data analytics and develop a vision for your own BI program.


Seven data science lessons from an analytics expert

What programming language should every data scientist know? How should you train data scientists? Should there be more women on your team? McGraw-Hill Education's Alfred Essa has the answers. Continue Reading


Gartner's essential building blocks for a big data strategy

It takes dedication to build a successful big data strategy. A CIO with imagination and who can work with the business doesn't hurt, either. Continue Reading


The clash between old and new BI: CIOs prepare for battle

Business intelligence and analytics are seeing rapid adoption in 2014 as BI vendors confront and adapt to a changing market for their services. Continue Reading


A BI history lesson and the next steps for CIOs

A review of the history of business data and analytics reveals where information analytics has been, where it stands currently and where CIOs should expect it's going next. Continue Reading


Fortune 500 experts unveil their vision of the future of analytics

BI gurus from Cisco, Caesars, Schneider and GE provide their view on how BI and analytics will evolve during the next two years. Continue Reading


Big data and analytics: Let's go to the videotape

In these videos, experts and practitioners alike sound off on the road to big data exploration and analytics success.


Daimler Trucks takes sensor data on the road

Daimler Trucks' CIO discusses how sensor data is connecting the dots between truck maintenance, drivers and the service station.


AIIM: How to get big data off the hype curve

AIIM President John Mancini talks about the right way to experiment with big data and why the most valuable CIOs are also the most vulnerable.


HoneyBaked execs find the secret sauce in big data

At HoneyBaked Ham, IT and marketing VPs Bill Bolton and Mark O'Brien constantly refresh the IT agenda with offerings that improve customer service.


A data analytics strategy to improve business outcomes

Michael Koukounas, analytics leader at Equifax Inc., on leveraging a data analytics strategy to improve operations and business outcomes.

3Case studies-

Getting down to business: Analytics in action

After settling on the right big data analytics program for their enterprise, it's time for CIOs to find out if the proof is in the pudding. How have enterprises made the most of their data gathering and exploration efforts? In these case studies and analysis pieces, SearchCIO provides the tricks and tools to get it done.


Ten big data case studies at big-name companies

What are Macy's, Tesco, American Express, Wal-Mart Stores and other well-known retailers doing with all that big data they're collecting? Continue Reading


Prescriptive analytics: A roadway to optimal data usage

Prescriptive analytics holds the allure of not only identifying what might happen next but also providing the RX for improving those outcomes. Is it for real? Continue Reading


When going prescriptive, start by assessing your business problems

Organizations that are leading the way in prescriptive analytics are revolutionizing how work gets done. Learn the secrets to their success. Continue Reading


Man + machine: A necessity for big data variety

Pharmaceutical and medical researchers are struggling to find hidden meaning in big data variety and are discovering that available technology and tools are still not up the task. Continue Reading


A data-crunching dilemma calls for a community cloud

"It takes a village" is the thinking behind building a community cloud for cancer research and other members of the biomedical research community. Continue Reading


Startup turns to cloud analytics to understand e-commerce data

A retail startup with a bare-bones staff leaned on a cloud-based analytics platform to take the place of traditional IT arrangements. Continue Reading


All the analytics terms fit to print

5Mobile BI-

Road trip: Going where no analytics have gone before

You seemingly can't walk down the street nowadays without contemplating the spread of big data analytics into our everyday lives -- and we're not just talking about those sporting wearable tech that records exercise activity to be analyzed later. Enterprises are hopping on the mobile analytics bandwagon as they endeavor to provide their smart device-happy workforce with the tools they need to provide fast, effective analysis wherever they may be. Learn more in these SearchCIO stories.


Recognize the benefits and beware the hurdles of mobile BI

In-the-field decision making and analysis are two of the many benefits that make mobile analytics a worthy investment, but CIOs should also beware the challenges that await. Continue Reading


Ford takes on the connected car

Ford Motor Co. is endeavoring to build the most intelligent connected car around and, in doing so, is taking enterprise and consumer mobility to another level. Continue Reading


Smart devices define the need for smart analytics

Smart contact lenses, smart T-shirts, smart lightbulbs and more: On-the-go analytics can change people's lives, according to speakers at the Gartner BI Summit. Continue Reading


What to do with all that wearable technology data?

Organizations pursuing uses for wearable computing technology are producing and collecting a whole bunch of data. What should CIOs do to make that info actionable and secure? Continue Reading


Mobile analytics prominent in the expansion of SMAC

Have you heard about SMAC? Learn how social media, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies have transformed business communications. Continue Reading


Sharpen your data analytics agenda

As big data multiplies by the hour, some organizations find it difficult to integrate and interpret that information in ways that lead to actionable business insight. Take this quiz and learn how to develop your data analytics exploration and analytics strategy.

Take This Quiz

7The Data Mill-

Up-to-the-minute reports on data analytics strategy

Have you checked out the Data Mill, SearchCIO Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski's weekly digest on all things big data and analytics? Read several of her columns below, covering the latest conferences, research and trends in BI, and search "#DataMill" on Twitter to find more.


Big data marches forward; are you keeping pace?

The International Institute for Analytics says that this is a banner year for metadata, model management and machine learning. Continue Reading


Disagreements abound on how to define winning at big data

A schism is developing between IT and the business on big data projects, the convergence of OLTP and OLAP and lighting as a service. Continue Reading


Ward off bad analytics with semantic analysis

Big data and semantic analysis, virtual personal assistants for everyone and a series of IT resolutions highlight this report. Continue Reading


Analytics 3.0 and how to build better big data products

Analytics 3.0 makes an appearance, data is becoming a corporate asset and "hellabytes" make an appearance. Continue Reading


Ask 'crunchy' questions about your analytics program

Predictive analytics necessitates asking crunchy questions, and data visualizations require smart, simple design. Continue Reading


Don't tether your users to the same old apps

Businesses express an abiding love for Excel, struggle to integrate data, and see the rising role of data temps and big data royalties. Continue Reading


The text analytics market may be stalling

The text analytics market is showing some signs of slowing. Also, you can't ignore data interoperability, and CIO priorities are going regional. Continue Reading


Predictive analytics: How much data is enough?

In this live report from Predictive Analytics World, learn when to call it quits with big data, how to do surgical marketing and the power behind a name. Continue Reading


Lean analytics: The science and profits behind it

Lean analytics takes a bow, Airbnb experiments with its data, and grocery stores demonstrate the importance of Agile methodologies. Continue Reading


The hope and hype of big data and analytics

Read about big data analytics and the CFO, content marketing and IT, and why data-minded folks ought to emulate Pitbull. Continue Reading

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