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Last updated:April 2017

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Editor's note

Despite substantial efforts to contain cybersecurity threats, they continue to grow and are expected to get worse before they get better, according to experts. In our annual IT priorities survey of nearly 971 North American IT professionals, security once again was identified as an area in which a considerable percentage of IT professionals -- 23% in this year's survey -- devote most of their time, second only to general IT management, which was cited by 27% of respondents. To make sure that time isn't spent treading water, CIOs and IT executives need to develop an IT security strategy that utilizes the right tools and encompasses the many facets of IT -- from mobile and cloud to IoT and analytics and everything in between.

In this Essential Guide, explore the cybersecurity landscape and absorb the latest information around next-generation security architectures, attack detection and response, governmental intervention in the professional threat economy and how companies are handling data breaches.

1When it comes to IT security, culture is king

Sometimes the biggest security threat can come from within. Without the right environment, mindset and personnel, an organization's IT security is put at risk. In this section, learn how important it is to promote a culture of security at your organization and how to educate your employees on security best practices.

2Mobile security is in your hands

If you're not focusing security efforts on mobile, think again. The number of mobile devices now outnumbers the number of people in the world, making securing those devices -- through next-gen tools and some forward thinking -- a priority for any organization. In this section, we give you an overview of the emerging and prevailing mobile security threats, and provide tips on how to address these concerns.

3Crafting a cloud security strategy

As organizations move more and more data to the cloud, cultivating a cloud security strategy is becoming a top CIO imperative. In this section, learn about factors driving cloud threats, and strategies and best practices for improving your organization's cloud security.

4Security in an increasingly connected world

IoT devices are proliferating at a rapid rate, spiking IoT data security concerns in the process. The more connected we get the more important it becomes to protect the massive amount of data involved. That's why IoT security is becoming a vital part of any organization's IT security roadmap. In this section, we explore the biggest security concerns raised by IoT and offer tips about how to address them.

5Don't spend more; spend right

Investing in security is always a good idea, but throwing money at the problem won't cut it. In this section, find out how to manage your IT security spending efficiently.

6Cybersecurity legislation and CIOs

Cybersecurity isn't just a business priority anymore. Facing new pressures from today's increasing cyberthreats, the U.S. government is stepping in to assess the IT security landscape and enacting legislation to address some of the top concerns. In this section, find out how the government is responding to increasing IT security concerns, how emerging technologies are influencing the legislative process and how such legislation will impact IT executives.

7The devil's in the data

Don't underestimate the importance of data analytics in your IT security strategy. In this section, learn how to best tap into analytics at your organization and what tools can help identify, monitor and ward off threats to data security.