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A guide to TechTarget's 2015 IT salary survey

In TechTarget's 2015 IT salary survey, we asked 1,783 information technology professionals about their earnings, job satisfaction, 2016 project initiatives and more. Explore the results in this essential guide.


TechTarget's 2015 IT Salary and Careers Survey recently took the pulse of 1,783 U.S. information technology professionals, who provided insight into their compensation, level of optimism, career aspirations, chief concerns and top IT initiatives they intend to pursue in 2016.

In this essential guide, we've rounded up all of the 2015 IT salary survey news stories, each reporting on a different aspect of the survey results. Read on to learn about IT executives' compensation and salary trends across the IT landscape, the level of career optimism and which projects top IT professionals' priority lists for next year.

1CIOs and IT executives-

The C-suite perspective

It seemed to be a good year for CIOs and IT executives, according to the survey results. They continued to surpass other IT professionals on pay in 2015, pulling in an average base salary of $141,371. But compensation isn't everything. Find out what salary survey respondents had to say about C-suite optimism, IT budgets and 2016 priorities.


An overview of 2015 IT salary survey results

TechTarget's 2015 IT Salary and Careers Survey reveals the average pay for U.S. IT pros by role and region, job aspirations, optimism levels and key tech projects. Continue Reading


Compensation for senior IT leaders stable in 2015, despite role shift

As CIOs and senior IT leaders sought to adapt IT strategies to the rapidly changing, digital enterprise, one thing that remained the same in 2015 was their pay. Continue Reading


2015 saw an uptick in IT leader aspirations, job satisfaction

The majority of IT executives are more optimistic about their careers, according to TechTarget's 2015 IT survey. Continue Reading


Survey: Majority of senior IT budgets fared well in 2015

Nearly 40% of senior IT executives reported an increase in their overall IT budgets and headcounts, according to TechTarget's 2015 IT salary survey. Continue Reading


Security tops IT executives' IT initiatives for 2016

Security, especially when it comes to shadow IT, is the leading IT project concern for 2016, according to CIO and senior IT leaders polled in TechTarget's 2015 IT Salary and Careers Survey. Continue Reading


IT exec infographic: 2015 salary survey findings

Check out this year's IT salary and careers survey infographic to get a visual overview of 2015's budget, project, salary and job satisfaction trends. Continue Reading

2Overview of the IT landscape-

Salaries, job prospects and budgets across IT

How did other IT professionals fare in 2015? Respondents in the fields of business intelligence, compliance, networking, security, software development and server management weighed in on their compensation figures, job satisfaction, most time-consuming tasks and top projects.


IT risk management, compliance tasks are most arduous

IT risk management and regulatory compliance are the biggest time-sucks for enterprise security teams, according to TechTarget's 2015 IT salary survey. Continue Reading


BI and big data professionals top peers in compensation, job prospects

BI and big data professionals have a lot to celebrate this year. TechTarget's 2015 salary survey shows that they are paid better and have higher job satisfaction than many other IT pros. Continue Reading


GRC professionals have become a prized commodity

According to the survey, the profiles and resources of GRC professionals are rising within companies as demand for their skill sets continues to grow. Continue Reading


Survey offers glimpse of software developer pay in 2015

TechTarget's 2015 IT salary survey shows steady optimism and job satisfaction among developers. But are they being paid enough? Continue Reading


A look at IT channel pros' salary, satisfaction

Our second-annual IT channel income comparison of channel professionals analyzes average compensation by job title, tenure, company type, region, job satisfaction and more. Continue Reading


IT channel partners cautiously optimistic about 2016 prospects

Value-added resellers and managed service providers participating in TechTarget's survey are optimistic about 2016, but there's still some unease. Continue Reading


Creativity valued in data centers to drive IT innovation

Innovation leads to increased productivity, better SLAs and more optimistic teams. The hard part is finding and fostering the talent in your data center. Continue Reading


Networking and virtualization are top concerns; IT management dips

Survey results emphasize the importance of networking and virtualization in the data center at the expense of IT management, while security inches up in importance. Continue Reading

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