A guide to TechTarget's 2015 IT salary survey

Last updated:December 2015

Editor's note

TechTarget's 2015 IT Salary and Careers Survey recently took the pulse of 1,783 U.S. information technology professionals, who provided insight into their compensation, level of optimism, career aspirations, chief concerns and top IT initiatives they intend to pursue in 2016.

In this essential guide, we've rounded up all of the 2015 IT salary survey news stories, each reporting on a different aspect of the survey results. Read on to learn about IT executives' compensation and salary trends across the IT landscape, the level of career optimism and which projects top IT professionals' priority lists for next year.

1Salaries, job prospects and budgets across IT

How did other IT professionals fare in 2015? Respondents in the fields of business intelligence, compliance, networking, security, software development and server management weighed in on their compensation figures, job satisfaction, most time-consuming tasks and top projects.