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A CIO's guide to cloud risk management

Cloud computing is storming the enterprise, raining down new strategic challenges. In this Essential Guide, learn how to navigate the turbulent cloud environment and turn cloud risk into reward.


The long-range enterprise forecast shows increasing cloud coverage with a 100% chance of risk. Navigating the volatile, rapidly evolving cloud computing environment is more necessary than ever for CIOs, and also more challenging.

The decision to migrate to the cloud is the easy part; successful maintenance of the cloud is where companies are really tested. Today, cloud management strategies involve many tasks -- including constant monitoring, security and compliance governance, application management, vendor contract negotiations, disaster recovery considerations and contingency plans -- making it far from a "set it and forget it" project.

How can CIOs best manage cloud data and applications while curtailing risk? In this SearchCIO Essential Guide, we explore cloud risk management best practices that can help your company master the private, hybrid and public cloud and maximize business value. We provide expert tips on navigating the risk-laden software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) domains and detail how to develop a clearly defined vendor contract. Plus, we highlight the top security application hazards, give examples of companies that have turned cloud risk into cloud reward, and take a peek at present and future cloud management trends.

This Essential Guide on cloud risk management is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1Strategic cloud management-

Cloud risk management best practices

Cloud computing is transforming the way businesses operate, but before your organization tackles the extensive management challenges, you need to be well-acquainted with the basics of an effective cloud strategy and ask the right questions. In this section, learn key cloud computing solutions and how private, public or hybrid cloud-based systems fit into your IT plan.


Reduce cloud computing risks with these expert pointers

Do you know where the areas of increased cloud risk at your company are? Stephen Braat of CDW shared insights and management solutions for CIOs at SIMposium 2014. Continue Reading


Cloud experts from Microsoft and VMware offer insight to CIOs

Which factors should CIOs consider when choosing between public and private cloud? Why is Microsoft investing so heavily in platform as a service? Is it time to bring that public cloud deployment back on-premises? Hear from the experts on cloud computing best practices. Continue Reading


Five security and risk management questions CFOs are asking

Security experts and CFOs discuss how to establish security and mitigate risks in a SaaS environment. Continue Reading


Hybrid cloud management solutions for GRC

The lack of a collective framework makes cloud security and compliance a difficult proposition. In this tip, learn cloud risk management and regulatory best practices to ensure cloud GRC. Continue Reading


Should you be using a diversified cloud strategy?

Experts urge companies to use a diversified cloud strategy to offset cloud vendor instability, but it's not right for everybody. The sophisticated management skills this approach requires may make it impractical for some IT organizations. Continue Reading


First-hand cloud computing guidance

In these videos, hear risk mitigation advice from the pros, discover the importance of vendor-client relationships and get tips on cloud service negotiations.


Provider-customer cooperation needed to offset cloud security risks

Markley Group CTO Patrick Gilmore chats about cloud security risks that businesses are facing today and the role of cloud service providers and customers in protecting data and applications in the cloud.


Know your data needs before making cloud service agreements

In this webcast, learn how to integrate your organization's unique data management and e-discovery conditions into a cloud service agreement.


How to reduce cloud computing risks and security concerns

In this webcast, hear about cloud security best practices companies can implement to mitigate cloud computing risks and protect their data.

3Risky business-

Cloud management practices in action

Are you getting the most out of your cloud management approach? In this section, get advice from cloud experts on conquering the business side of your cloud strategy, including drafting cloud contracts and termination agreements, and other tips on successfully turning the tables on cloud risk.


CIOs share cloud computing best practices, tips on maximizing business value

From vetting the cost of public cloud services to building private clouds to taking on a more strategic role in business operations, CIOs dish on how to squeeze more business value out of cloud computing. Continue Reading


Tips for developing a clearly defined cloud contract

Drafting a precise and clearly defined cloud contract with vendors is vital to staving off security problems and SLA breaches. In this #CIOChat recap, participants dish on how to best communicate needs to cloud providers. Continue Reading


Private cloud termination agreements 101

Leaving your private cloud provider can be operationally, legally and financially messy. David Rutchik of Pace Harmon LLC advises CIOs and companies how to prepare for the breakup and avoid common pitfalls. Continue Reading


Experts talk cloud applications and SaaS risks

IT experts give advice on developing SaaS risk management and explain how cloud security applications can help curb the use of shadow apps and improve IT strategy. Continue Reading


Cloud economics: Get a return on your cloud investment

Cloud economics is an imperfect science, subject to a business' demands and constraints. Here are some best practices for sharpening your cloud economics and management strategies. Continue Reading


Cloud-based shadow apps: Risk to reward

Cloud-based shadow apps increase security risk but also help employees be more productive and innovative. How can CIOs both enable these apps and protect the business? IT experts discuss how adoption of SaaS apps enables business goals, beefs up security and saves money. Continue Reading


Cloud risk management terminology

5On cloud strategy's horizon-

Cloud risk management present and future trends

As more cloud devices, applications and services enter the enterprise, cloud management strategies become more complex and it becomes harder to distinguish which path is right for your business. Stay up on the trends in this section that are shaking up the enterprise and shaping the future of strategic cloud practices.


CIOs embrace imperfect, promising hybrid computing

CIOs talk the value and challenges of a hybrid computing environment that manages selected applications and systems in-house and relies on public cloud services for others. Continue Reading


Box hopes to shake up cloud security with its key management tech

Box's new Enterprise Key Management service gives the customer more control of their data encryption keys. Does this mean it's time to move all your sensitive information over to the cloud? Continue Reading


Five tips for tackling the latest cloud security challenges

Experts explain how to think "cloud first" in an evolving IT environment, discuss the power of next-generation firewalls and address why distributed denial-of-service attacks are on the rise: The Data Mill reports. Continue Reading


How much will IaaS offerings change throughout 2015?

In this Ask the Expert, IDC analyst Rick Villars expands on why 75% of IaaS provider offerings will be either redesigned or phased out over the course of 2015. Continue Reading


Why 'bring your own encryption' is important to cloud security

In this Ask the Expert, Forrester analyst James Staten explains why the BYOE trend as a cloud security model is important and why it's gaining traction. Continue Reading


How well are you managing the cloud?

The right cloud strategy can make all the difference in your business. Think you're adhering to the best cloud computing management practices? Take this quiz to find out.

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