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A CIO's guide to SMAC strategy and governance

Before talking SMAC, get the facts. In this Essential Guide, learn about the benefits and applications of a SMAC strategy and how to develop SMAC governance policies.


Individually, social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies can affect business operations, but the convergence of all four -- referred to as SMAC -- is a disruptive force that is driving business innovation. More companies are recognizing the value of integrating SMAC into business processes, with the intention of building more efficient, versatile operations and better customer relationships. But for CIOs to properly manage these emerging technologies and their relationship to one another, a strong SMAC strategy is essential.

Does your organization have a handle on SMAC integration and the strategy implications? In this SearchCIO Essential Guide, we explore SMAC governance best practices around bring your own device (BYOD) policy, cloud strategy, text analytics, social collaboration and other areas. We provide expert tips on how to mold your governance strategies to foster better user-provider relationships, and take a peek at the future of social enterprise integration and the new digital business era. Plus, hear from mobile application startups and get their perspective on the future of mobile innovation practices.

This Essential Guide on SMAC strategy and governance is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1SMAC strategy-

SMAC governance strategy best practices

SMAC is making inroads in the enterprise and transforming the way businesses operate, but before your organization tackles the wide-ranging governance changes, you need to be well-acquainted with the fundamentals of a great SMAC strategy and ask the right questions. Learn more in this section on key planning-stage governance decisions when integrating the full range of SMAC technologies in your organization.


How SMAC is sparking a new digital business era

Gone are the days of sharing content via writing letters, sending emails or placing advertising, according to SearchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel, who evaluates the profound effect of social media, analytics and cloud technologies on business communications. Continue Reading


A roadmap to comprehensive BYOD governance

BYOD governance is not an endpoint, but a continuously evolving process. Follow these eight steps to craft safe and effective bring your own device policies. Continue Reading


Fourteen questions to ask when developing a cloud computing strategy

If you're still wondering how to best utilize cloud computing in your business, start by asking these 14 questions that drive cloud strategies in the right direction. Continue Reading


SaaS governance: Aligning IT with the business

In a holistic context, software as a service governance generates better business partnerships and processes, and moves you closer to aligning IT with the business, Harvey Koeppel explains. Continue Reading


Lack of mobile governance not worth the risk

BYOD is dependent on governance -- without it, there would be mobile chaos. SearchCIO expert Bryan Barringer details the basics of forming a mobility governance team. Continue Reading


Let's talk some SMAC

The videos in this section highlight up-and-coming mobile startups, and the keys to BYOD and mobile device management governance success.


Scratch Wireless hopes to be the next mobile disruptor

Scratch Wireless Inc. dreams big with "Wi-Fi First" mobile phones, but is it the next mobile disruptor or just a blip in the mobile evolution timeline? Features writer Kristen Lee talks to Scratch Wireless CEO and Gartner researcher Brian Blau to find out.


Mobile wallet tech startup helps Apple Pay competitor

Meet Paydiant, the technology startup behind the CurrentC mobile payment application. Chris Gardner, Paydiant co-founder, talks mobile security and customer relationships.


The keys to a successful BYOD program

Don't let the lack of a BYOD security strategy stall your mobile device program. In this webcast series, Craig Mathias, principal at wireless mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group, outlines the four cornerstones of a successful BYOD program.


A device-agnostic mobile strategy is key to MDM

Is your business's mobile device strategy prepared for a device-agnostic future? Craig Mathias discusses the mobile device management essentials and the importance of a device-agnostic approach.

3Taking SMAC-tion-

SMAC permeates the enterprise

After deciding to integrate SMAC technologies, certain challenges present themselves: new policy adoption, governance structures and standards for ensuring that user needs are met. How will you confront these challenges while also governing your technology policies with a flexible, yet watchful, eye? In this section, see SMAC strategies in action and find the approach that best fits your organization's governance designs.


Dell CIO Andi Karaboutis talks SMAC development

The convergence of social, mobile, analytics and cloud is on every CIO's mind. SearchCIO talked to Andi Karaboutis, CIO at Dell, about the push towards SMAC and Dell IT's self-service analytics. Continue Reading


Adopt a SMAC strategy or get left behind

CIO Lance Fisher's IT strategy is built around SMAC because "the IT revolution is in progress. It is all about innovating in all of these areas." Learn how his team is adapting. Continue Reading


To govern cloud, know what thy end users crave

When many of an enterprise's cloud tools are procured on the sly, it can be tough for a CIO to properly govern them. IT needs to team up with the business to make that happen. Continue Reading


Governance is a game changer at Penn Medicine

The CIO team at Penn Medicine made sure its governance plan was impeccable as it pursued a game-changing push around big data and high-performance computing. Continue Reading


Gartner: How to master public API management

How familiar are you with your company's application programming interface governance? With the influx of APIs, it's time to get more familiar. Follow these four steps to learn how to better manage APIs. Continue Reading


Expand your SMAC vocabulary

As part of your SMAC strategy and governance mastery, get familiar with these SMAC terms.

5The future of SMAC-

How SMAC will transform the business

As you immerse your organization in SMAC, it's important to recognize that a good SMAC strategy involves planning ahead and adapting to emerging trends. How will SMAC technologies impact your organization's big-picture business models going forward? Stay attuned to the following SMAC trends and practices.


Could text analytics be the next business intelligence frontier for CIOs?

Maybe text analytics and CIOs go hand-in-hand after all. A director of analytics at Visa advises CIOs on what questions to consider before bringing text analytics in-house. Continue Reading


Facebook at Work hopes to refresh enterprise social collaboration

Facebook is taking on the enterprise with a new professional platform. Will it be a game-changer for social collaboration? Continue Reading


CIOs give their take on Facebook at Work

Is this the future of enterprise communication? CIOs and enterprise collaboration experts weigh in on Facebook at Work and the prospect of improved professional networking. Continue Reading


Cloud computing important to business-model advancement

Business models cannot remain static in the face of change -- innovation is required to help accommodate enterprise cloud computing and the changes that come with it, SearchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel explains. Continue Reading


Governance a key factor in the future of mobile app development

Companies preparing for the stage of mobile app development need to govern that phase by considering the context and adopting an Agile mind-set, according to participants in our #CIOChat. Continue Reading


Do you know how to govern SMAC?

The juncture of social, mobile, analytics and cloud is rejuvenating IT strategies. Is your SMAC strategy being properly governed? Revisit some of our recent stories on these trends and take our quiz to test your knowledge of SMAC governance and best practices.

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