A CIO's guide to SMAC strategy and governance

Last updated:February 2015

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Individually, social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies can affect business operations, but the convergence of all four -- referred to as SMAC -- is a disruptive force that is driving business innovation. More companies are recognizing the value of integrating SMAC into business processes, with the intention of building more efficient, versatile operations and better customer relationships. But for CIOs to properly manage these emerging technologies and their relationship to one another, a strong SMAC strategy is essential.

Does your organization have a handle on SMAC integration and the strategy implications? In this SearchCIO Essential Guide, we explore SMAC governance best practices around bring your own device (BYOD) policy, cloud strategy, text analytics, social collaboration and other areas. We provide expert tips on how to mold your governance strategies to foster better user-provider relationships, and take a peek at the future of social enterprise integration and the new digital business era. Plus, hear from mobile application startups and get their perspective on the future of mobile innovation practices.

This Essential Guide on SMAC strategy and governance is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

1SMAC permeates the enterprise

After deciding to integrate SMAC technologies, certain challenges present themselves: new policy adoption, governance structures and standards for ensuring that user needs are met. How will you confront these challenges while also governing your technology policies with a flexible, yet watchful, eye? In this section, see SMAC strategies in action and find the approach that best fits your organization's governance designs.

2How SMAC will transform the business

As you immerse your organization in SMAC, it's important to recognize that a good SMAC strategy involves planning ahead and adapting to emerging trends. How will SMAC technologies impact your organization's big-picture business models going forward? Stay attuned to the following SMAC trends and practices.

3Do you know how to govern SMAC?

The juncture of social, mobile, analytics and cloud is rejuvenating IT strategies. Is your SMAC strategy being properly governed? Revisit some of our recent stories on these trends and take our quiz to test your knowledge of SMAC governance and best practices.