A CIO's essential guide to mobile business strategy

Last updated:December 2017

Editor's note

The days of "bring your own device" strategies and corporate-issued BlackBerrys seem quaint when compared to today's hyper-connected businesses and their employees. Today, IT professionals tasked with managing the organizations' mobile business strategy find themselves having to monitor security, cloud computing, the internet of things, app development and mobile productivity, to name a few.

As a result, enterprise mobility best practices have come to involve wide-ranging and diverse IT processes. This makes ensuring that mobile processes run smoothly very complicated for CIOs, as they struggle to balance mobile integration projects, application quality assurance and mobile data protection. 

In this Essential Guide, explore TechTarget's news coverage and expert advice to help CIOs manage their companies' mobile business strategy. Learn about topics such as how mobile applications are revolutionizing business processes, the innovation benefits of the mobile cloud and how business mobilization requires new approaches to data security. Taken together, the information will help CIOs implement a successful -- and profitable -- mobile business strategy.

1The power of the mobile cloud

Mobility and cloud computing are becoming increasingly intertwined, as evidenced by the influx of mobile cloud services. In this section, learn the ins and outs of mobile cloud services and how turning to the cloud can help boost innovation and tackle mobility-related challenges.

2The dos and don'ts of mobile application development

Application development and quality assurance have become increasingly important to vital business processes and, of course, enterprise mobility best practices. Mobile application development remains a delicate process for businesses, however, and many questions need to be answered to ensure apps are top quality. In this section, learn about mobile application development strategies, including who in the organization is best equipped to lead the mobile app charge and how to overcome challenges associated with cross-platform app development.

3Security essentials for mobile business strategy

Data security has become a concern for all of digitized companies' business processes, and enterprise mobility is no different. In this section, learn how to ensure security becomes integral to your enterprise mobility best practices.