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May 2015

Taking the guesswork out of data ownership

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From the outset, data and data ownership have always been key components of IT, even as the focus of technology leaders has evolved. In the early days of information technology, the industry was all about just what its name suggests: leveraging technology to transform data into higher-value information. Today, however, times have changed, writes CIO expert Harvey Koeppel. He urges CIOs to turn their focus back to the data in order to meet the needs of the digital business world, transforming information into knowledge and knowledge into insights.

In this SearchCIO handbook, Koeppel explores why digital business is driven by data and not technology, and provides eight tips for CIOs to keep up with the times. In our second piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen describes how a heated debate between software engineering and operations resulted in a data governance manifesto for today's digital times. And finally, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski digs into how Goldman Sachs built a graph analytics platform for various use cases, including compliance and fraud detection.

About The Author

Harvey R. Koeppel - President

Harvey R. Koeppel is executive director of the Center for CIO ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Data ownership comes to the fore
  • A data ownership manifesto for modern times
  • Goldman Sachs’ DIY route to graph analytics

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