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July 2015

Mobile payment methods come of age

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Cattle, grain, shells, metal coins, paper bills, plastic cards. Don't see a pattern? Look again: All of them were or are forms of payment, and all of them are mobile. Mobile device technology-enabled payments are simply the latest, natural development in this progression toward greater convenience, writes CIO expert Harvey Koeppel. He urges CIOs to keep four features top of mind as you strive to expand the scale and acceptance of new mobile payment methods: utility, reliability, trust and convenience.

In this SearchCIO handbook, get Koeppel's tips for CIOs and IT leaders on how to ensure that mobile payments are convenient and secure for users. In our second piece, find out why mobile expert Bryan Barringer says he'll take mobile wallets over paper money or credit cards any day. And lastly, from technology writer Mary K. Pratt, learn why CIOs still need to deal with security risks when it comes to mobile payment methods.

Table Of Contents

  • E-commerce to M-commerce
  • Money-hater welcomes mobile pay
  • The risks of M-commerce

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